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AKG K701 Studio Headphones Reviews

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AKG k701 Ten Year Retrospective Review


Pros: They are great for some genres of music

Cons: They are not great for some genres of music

AKG k701 Headphones A Ten Year Review RetrospectiveReview by Redcarmoose 01-14-16A revolutionary flat wire voice coil optimizes the "coil fill factor," improving efficiency and enhancing HF accuracyA two-layer diaphragm with AKG's patented Varimotion design virtually eliminates distortion and delivers exceptional imaging.The diaphragm's thickness varies from 80 µm in the center zone to provide virtually pistonic motion for well-balanced HF response to 40 µm at the perimeter for high elasticity to accommodate the increased excursion required for accurate mid-range and LF reproduction.A high-performance neodymium magnet structure complements the flat wire voice coil for frequency response...
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Truly audiophile


Pros: SQ!, build quality, design, comfort*

Cons: comfort* and sometimes bass

Lets start with:   Design, build quality & comfort:   They are white - thats what people notice on the first look. I must say I really like the design and the "feel" - The leather headband is a nice addition to the white and gray colors. Build quality is very very good - they are very sturdy and don't feel like breaking apart after a month. I dropped them incidentally few times, rolled with my chair over the cable and they are still in prefect condition. 4 Stars   *Comfort - before I bought them I read alot about the comfort (haedband) issue and when I put them first time on my head I was sure that the rumors were true - the bumps were digging a hole in my...
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Another legendary headphone from AKG


Pros: Airiness, resolution, mids, musicality

Cons: can be a little uncomfortable on the crown

I have had these headphones for some time now and would like to write a simple review. They sound absolutely fantastic. I also have a Sennheiser HD 650 which I immensely like for all their virtues but after purchasing k701 I rarely reach for my Senns. k701 is a better allrounder and particularly fits the music styles I love the most, classical and jazz. That big and airy sound is simply magical. Every note and every small detail is so clearly reproduced and presented. The tone is very balanced and quite natural. 



Pros: True flat response.

Cons: I don't have a mellon head.

Some have said that these are more suited to classical. I understand why. Personally, I knew I had a keeper after my first session with my Lo Fi blues collection. Hard to admit, but better than my cherished k280. 

Very nice phones, not for badly mixed metal


Pros: clear, flat, nice stereo imaging, sits well on the head

Cons: not sure

The best phones I've tried so far. I tried some well-burnt-in beyerdynamic and others in similar price range in a store, and I have owned the 601 before. I also own closed cans, e.g. the K271, and before that, several others further down the price range. The previously owned 601 was my first open system pair, it took some getting used to coming from cans - but I quicky noticed the advantages especially for certain types of music, e.g. the actually open sound vs. canned. Sits well on the head due to clever adjustment mechanism.   I use these mostly for classical music, jazz, blues, some rock - but only stuff done in good studios by people who know their stuff. Music with a...
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Very detailed professional headphones


Pros: Depth, clarity, wide stereo image

Cons: None that I can think of

I just thought I'd write up a review on these headphones. They did a bit getting used to, because the reproduction of sound is so clear and even. Like getting used to a pair of studio monitors after listening to hifi speakers. These are excellent for mixing, and mastering, and use these to check what I've done with my main Genelec monitors in my studio. I can virtually hear each, even slight turn of a knob, let's say an EQ, or changing the ratio and threshold of a compressor. AKG doesn't offer us hyped up sound, it's all up to the source. I plug these straight into my studio interface. I also don't get the lack of bass, for me, the bass response is flat as it is supposed to be. And I've...
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One of the best


Pros: Detailed and natural sound, flat frequency response, glorious mids, nice-looking, somewhat comfortable

Cons: Need time to soften up

These are one of the best headphones I have ever heard, and I have heard a couple. I undoubtedly prefer them to Senn HD650, like them slightly more than Senn HD600 and Beyer DT880. Why? Because they have more natural sounding midrange and airier soundstage, characteristics that fit the music genres I prefer (classical and jazz). In terms of neutrality these are as good as Senn HD800. The bass is nicely extended and precise. Mind you, they need proper amplification. Don't expect them to sound great right out of an iPod. I have heard mine with MF x-can v3 and there is no synergy between the two. A better match is the cheap Pro-ject headphone amp. They sound even better if you drive them...
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Good headphones. Can be too revealing for some people.


Pros: Very Revealing. Detailed, Fast and Neutral.

Cons: If you want a euphonic sound, look elsewhere.

The AKG K701s are very good headphones. The information retrieval these headphones show up is very, very good! Vocals are also very good with the K701s in my opinion, and you can hear how good and badly recorded the songs are with the K701s. These AKGs really do show up on things in the music and your set up. In my opinion, these headphones don't do euphony. They are neutral and revealing!! If you play a song that is badly recorded, these headphones will sound shockingly bad. So be warned!  

Balanced AKG701


Pros: Dynamic, musical sounding, revealing

Cons: Deep bass could be somewhat better defined

Modified these to balance with silver/gold wiring and Furatec XLR plugs. After a fairly long burn-in (>100hr) of the cabling and used on the Rudistor RPX-100 dual mono balanced solid state amp these sound very musical and dynamic. Much micro detail comes out and there is a good 3d stage imaging. The sound is very involving and intimate, providing foot-tapping and sometimes goose-bumps. Eargasm?   Definitely a step forward compared to the standard non-balanced version which did not impress me much.
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