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AKG K701 Studio Headphones Reviews

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Astounding Detail and Soundstage with poor mids.


Pros: Detail, Soundstage.

Cons: thin, bumps on leather headband.

The AKG K 701 Studio Reference is one of AKG's, or Akustische und Kino-Geräte's many succesfull headphones. This model in particular, is a full size studio headphone, with an open ended design. These headphones, aside from their physical appeal in design and comfort, have clean and flat sound that is appreciated by most listeners.    The overal tonality of the headphone, besides its noted detail and depth, is flat and balanced. A flat frequency response is great for the average audiophile, but for the more average consumer, a little boring. They are also notoriously difficult to drive, and are very detailed. The sound is slightly warm, compared to the...
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Pros: Look nice

Cons: Not as sturdy as they look

I am not a sound expert when it comes to anything hi-fi, but I bought these headphones secondhand 9 months ago just because I wanted a great pair of phones, for once.  I'm also a self(ish) taught bass player and I had gotten through a number of cheaper ear and head phones with my bass played through a Korg Pandora practice unit. My only problem at the time of purchase was the fact that I'd not done enough homework to realise that, first off, they work best with an amp - that's how much I know.  However, as they don't sound half-bad on their own, I kept them. Now nearly a year later I'm pissed that what I think is a straight forward design flaw has lead...
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Flak is only partly deserved


Pros: Comfort, beauty, crystal clear sound, so light they almost feel fake, open design.

Cons: Weak without amp, can't rest around the neck, the bars that run on the top feel flimsy. NEEDS MOAR POWAH

  First impressions - Upon first opening the box of these (lightly used) cans, the very first thing I noticed how light they were! In all honesty I was freaking out for about an hour, then went to a local used electronics shop where they had the same model a couple weeks back. Apparently they are SUPPOSED TO BE that light, so the relief swept over me.    Sound - I do not have an amp yet, so talking like I know anything would be out of line. Straight lined to a computer the bass is just enough for classical piano. Listening to the album the is in the picture, the experience is amazing. If you close your eyes, you feel like you are sitting in an amphitheater...
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AKG 701 Studio


Pros: Crystal clear, clean, beautifully made, detailed

Cons: Thin, inefficient, where's the bass?

I am new to this forum and to the high-end headphone arena. This is my first ever review and based only on my first afternoon of playing and listening. OK, these are brand new, and maybe they will break in, but will they break in that much? They appear to be beautifully made, almost jewel-like out of the box. If they hold up and retain this apparent quality with long use, I would have to judge them finely made. So far, I have only used them with my Yamaha P150 Electronic Piano, as I have no headphone amp yet. I don't know how fair a test this is--more or less valid than hi-fi music listening?    My comparison 'phones:  Sennheiser Precision HD580: Clean,...
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K702 - soft of flagship/value for money?


Pros: AKG Flagship for $2-300. Nice for classical music. Not sibilant. Replaceable cable (both stock and user made with mini xlr).

Cons: 'Fake' sound stage feel, strange tonality. bass light-ish (impact). Cheap feel (it really is). Uncomfortable headband. Difficult to amp right.

I had one in 2008 and subsequently sold it because of comfort issues. Personally, I didn't like the design/thought it looked cheap (the blue plastic)The ones I had were difficult to drive (not for Musiland 02 US type HP amps or un-amped portable ) Recently had a chance to listen to a re-cabled one from joe007 .He attached some soft pleather to the headband and put an expensive looking custom cable on them (my custom cable was about $35). The headband 'mod' fixed the comfort issue. Maybe added some bass. (I remember my custom cable seems to have calmed down the highs a bit when I had my pair)The strange tonality and fake sound-stage feel were still there though. Give them a go at meet,...
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AKG K701


Pros: Wide soundstage and neutrality

Cons: Bass shy

Definitely not a fun headphone compared to AT W1000x or Denon D-series.Sounded completely cold and analytical fresh out of the box. Bass was almost non-existant. Burn in using pink noise seemed more effective compared to normal music playback. More instrument seperation after reaching 400 hours pink noise burning. Any hours beyond 600 will not benefit as I did not feel any improvement starting hour 601.    
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