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AKG K701 Studio Headphones Reviews

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The Monkey



Pros: Detail

Cons: Flat and boring with one exception

LISTENED AT MANY MEETS   I never did get it about these phones.  I think they sound tinny and boring.  The only time I have ever heard them sound somewhat decent has been out of the big HeadRoom amps.  There's something to that combo.  Otherwise a real snore.

Expect and receive overpriced bathroom hardware


Pros: Detail, clarity, soundstage width

Cons: Unnatural soundstage, unnatural lack of bass, supremely uncomfortable, looks like bathroom hardware

Audio Quality: This is a very detailed and fast headphone.  Soundstage is very wide, but unnatural sounding.  Lack of bass makes the overall sound very plasticky and artificial.  My BOSE triports sound better overall.   Comfort: The pads are about as comfortable as the Beyerdynamics', however, the bumps on the underside of the headband dig into your skull.  I couldn't wear them for more than 20 minutes without having to reposition them.   Design: Other than looking like bathroom hardware strapped to your head, there are elastic bands which help adjust the earcups which will inevitably degrade over time.   Value: I've heard better headphones for this price, namely the...
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Mark K

Unbelievable thin


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Everything else especially the sound

This is stylish headphone ever made, elegant and comfort. Thousands of reviews are are out there and it could not be wrong but...every time I put them over my ears, I had to tolerate the sound. It is very comfortable to wear. The sound is terrible. There is this echo from everywhere which jammed not only the bass and middle band but also diminishes upper end. The only explanation will be my ears are too small for them.

Once upon a time they were sort of great, but never engaging enough. Outmatched by the current crop of cans.


Pros: Comfortable, detailed, cool-looking, superb imaging and sense of openess

Cons: Big bulky cord that does not detach. Limited bass response, oddly boring despite some good qualities.

The K701 causes mental conflict. On one hand, I want to rate it one-star for disappointing me so much. I've had two pairs of 701s for some time, and in the process they have survived many other headphones that I grew bored of—notably, a few Sennheiser and Grado models. The problem is that as of 2013, the competition is just too stiff. I'm genuinely interested in any headphone that can do a good job hooked directly to my phone, because in the end it's just frikkin' awesome to have amazing fidelity pumping through the noggin while standing in line at the bank. Here's the thing about the K701, a few days ago I wore them to a party. The plug was connected to pocket lint—the AKGs were just a...
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