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A Review On: AKG K551 Closed-Back Reference Class Headset with Mic (Black/Silver)

AKG K551 Closed-Back Reference Class Headset with Mic (Black/Silver)

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Pros: Extremely clear, amazing bass, dynamic range, nice earmuffs, seems easy to drive

Cons: Non-detachable cable, huge, cable could use an extra 6"-12"

I'm a newbie to hi-fi headphones, but I'll do what I can.


The bass is fantastic, and I point this out because so many people complain about the lack of bass. It isn't this thumping and muddy sound, but very clear with an entire range to it. For bass-heads this might not be what you want. Although, when I sampled dub step on them (not really a fan of the genre) I could get the bass poppin' by changing the EQ.


The sound is very clear and even, however I would call the high's a little bit harsh (but not unbearable).


The range is amazing. They're very warm in the winter.


The cable should be detachable for this much money and could be a little bit longer. The K550's is far too long, though.


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