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Fantastic bass with a little modding

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Pros: Excellent bass response, wonderful mids and highs; very portable

Cons: need modding

A few months ago, I got my 13 year old son the AKG K518 DJ LE, based on the listing of the K81 DJ on Innerfidelity's Wall of Fame.

The sound was disappointing. Very heavy muddy bass that overwhelmed the mids. While OK for the price I got them at, this was not what I expected.

Then yesterday, we decided to mod the headphones. The blue tack mod is a popular mod for the AKG K518 DJs. Because I was afraid of over dampening the phones, we used blue tack sparingly and put duct tape on some of the rest of the inside cup to curb the resonance (see pic in this post).

The results? Absolutely a world of difference. Here is what I was expecting from a headphone whose design had made it on Innerfidelity's Wall of Fame. Bass impact was reduced slightly because the muddiness was gone. No longer a thumper, but a headphone with highly textured bass with very good transient response, and yet still significant bass emphasis. As a results, mids are much clearer as well.

So if you can do the mod (and it's not hard), this is an excellent headphone for those looking for some portable headphones with some strong, but good SQ bass emphasis. Considering these can often be picked up for less than $50, they are a bargain biggrin.gif


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