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AKG K518 DJ Review

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Pros: Great sound Size Price Portability Build quality Looks Islation

Cons: Comfort Bass can be too much sometimes

Hello i have some AKG K518 DJ's with maybe 40 hours on them and have decided to review them. The only other cans i have to compare them to are the Panasonic RP-HTX7.

Box: the AKG's have a very nice looking box, quite simple but attractive.

Build quality: they feel very solid, the only weaks points would be the cable and the swivel joints i think.

Comfort: a lot of people have complained that they squeeze tight, but i have a small head and they fit perfect, not too much pressure.

Isolation: these isolate very well, i use them everyday on a bus full of students and they isolate very well, especially for supra aural headphones.


Lows: they pack some serious punch in the low end, i think the quantity is just right, a little less wouldnt hurt, but i really like them. The bass is fast, not too boomy, and goes very deep. The good thing is that the lows dont veil or interfere with the other frequencys.

Mids: very sweet smooth mids, a tad recessed but nothing serious. I do love the mids on these coming from the pannys. The pannys have very recessed mids.

Highs: the highs on these cans are very nice, they never become too bright, and not a hint of silibance either. Also very smooth like the mids.

Soundstage: is alright, less than the pannys, these cans have quite an agressive presentation, quite in your face (which i love for rock)

instrument separation: is very good IMO i can tell all the different instruments from each other.

foam pads in or out? I prefer them out, the review is based on them without the foam inserts, they become more balanced with the foam out, the foam just makes everything more muddy.

Amped? They go well with the cmoy i have, opens up the soundstage and makes them more balanced, more controlled.

These work a treat with rock and electronica, they arent as good for classical. But they are a fun headphone, not for analytical listening.

Price/quality: very good bang for buck, great sound, closed design and cheap, i couldnt ask for more.

Review was using a sansa clip+ and genres from classical, to metalcore, to electronica to reggae. All at 320kbps.

Thank you for reading this review.
Fellow headfier: Oscar




Remove the inner foam pads and listen ; -)...
did you not see the part where it says foam pads in or out? I prefer them out. Much more balanced and clear, with them in it makes it too bassy and muddy.
Sorry, I read to fast...
This little AKG is a lot of bang for the buck.
your right there, they are very good for the price. Very good start into the world of audiphilia. I'll enjoy them as much as possible untill my next upgrade.
Are theese on-ear or over-ear?
These are on-ear.
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