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AKG K518DJ Reviews


high expectations


Pros: isolation, highs

Cons: everything else

Coming from Senn PX200, I expected better highs and better bass. I was drawn towards this AKG due to recommendations on this forum. Well, my experiences are less enthousiatic than those of most others. Audio quality is 'not bad' at best, but in general there's always a honky bass covering up the rest of the music. A lot of people here praised the bass qualities, but to me, it's not real bass, it's somewhat higher up the frequency scale. It's where it's starting to honk. Treble is not bad, but a little tinny, even scratchy sometimes. Midrange is somewhat covered up by the bass, but may be the best part, Comfort is just bad. Too much clamping force, no soft covering for the...
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King of the portable 50-s pricerange


Pros: Very good overall sound, excellent value, durable

Cons: Too much clamping force, cable tangling

Hello everyone ill try to keep banther to a minimum, but excuses in advance    I've purchased these cans about 2.5 years ago, to be exact the LE version in yellow with the short cable for 50euros. It comes with a pouch and small-to-big jack adapter. Ive made keywords Bold-Italic to be a bit easier for you to find them. Also if i say something totally inaccurate/stupid please forgive and disregard it.   Sound: Recently i had the opportunity to try out different headphones like the Sennheiser momentum(on ear and over ear as well) the Denon ah-d600 and others. I have to say i was really surprised, the sound easily matches top shelf performance, though i have to admit that...
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Fantastic bass with a little modding


Pros: Excellent bass response, wonderful mids and highs; very portable

Cons: need modding

A few months ago, I got my 13 year old son the AKG K518 DJ LE, based on the listing of the K81 DJ on Innerfidelity's Wall of Fame. The sound was disappointing. Very heavy muddy bass that overwhelmed the mids. While OK for the price I got them at, this was not what I expected. Then yesterday, we decided to mod the headphones. The blue tack mod is a popular mod for the AKG K518 DJs. Because I was afraid of over dampening the phones, we used blue tack sparingly and put duct tape on some of the rest of the inside cup to curb the resonance (see pic in this post). The results? Absolutely a world of difference. Here is what I was expecting from a headphone whose design had made it on...
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Pros: portable, foldable, comfort cushion, just the right size

Cons: frequent tangled wires, a bit too clamped

Had it for about 2 years, can't really remember when exactly did I buy it. but this one gives me a lot of frission everytime I listen to music got me off the headphone market for about a year because of the satisfaction it's over ear, but just the right size for portability in my opinion
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