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First foray into fullsize cans

A Review On: AKG K501

AKG K501

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Pros: Comfort, sound, visibility

Cons: Feel fragile, non-detachable cord, leakage.

I bought these on clearance back in 06. No regrets whatsoever. They are so comfortable, you'll swear they aren't even there. They sound great even with a relatively high impedance coming straight from an iPod. Most recently, I drive them with a custom kernel enabled Nexus S 4G. I have a FiiO e17 in the mail though, so I'll have to re-evaluate. 


They are also very visible and if someone sees you with those on your head, they wont come strike up a conversation. 


The only downside for me is leakage and how fragile they feel. I guess I put too much stress on the cord because one of the internal connectors actually broke off the driver on the right side. It was easy enough to re-solder, but still, thats a concern. The leakage is only a concern becuase I primarily use them at work and like to crank it up. 


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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › Over-Ear › AKG K501 › Reviews › testicon's Review