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K501 - an old AKG flagship

A Review On: AKG K501

AKG K501

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Pros: very relaxed sound

Cons: little rolloff on both ends (treble, bass), compared to the 70x line

Compared to the Q701, K701, D7000 the K501 spend a very relaxed sound to me.

You could here with this headphone many hours without tiredness.

Compared direct with the Q701 I notice a little rolloff on both ends (treble, bass). 

A very good headphone for little instrumentation ... e.g. a vocalist and a guitar and for some classic music too.

It's a headphone that headphone »freaks« must have.

Cons - AKG don't made them furthermore, it's obsolete.


I bought it almost good as new and checked by AKG.


The K501s are a sadly under-rated headphone. While lean in the lower registers by today's standards, they are stunning in the middle and soundstage. Replacing the stock pads with those from the K701 gives the K501s a very nice low end boost without causing them to become boomy. A "must have" for acoustic music.
Thank you for this hint, I will test this
Hi Fritz,
could you already test it? I am asking because I own a pair of nearly identical AKG K401. As far as I remember the only difference is that the 501 has even better selected drivers of the same kind.
For $60 paid it has to be a higher value rating! 5 stars at least. This headphone is great value at $200.
Still love my K501's with K601 pads...Perfect for chamber music. I'm thinking of buying a K712 pro or Annies for orchestral music, since the K501 is a bit bass light with Mahler & Shostakovich..
$60 Man! There's one available on Amazon now for $1000 including shipping in the US. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0000D8BM7/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used 
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