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A great ANC can with AKG brand natural sound

A Review On: AKG K495 NC


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anupam kumar1
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Pros: Most neutral sound, great design built to last, rugged cables, comfortable cushions, ANC that works pretty well, Great quality even with ANC off

Cons: Heavy, On ear, not over ear, ANC on/off switch is painful, ANC not as good as Bose QC15 (IDK, according to reviews), Costly

These are MSRPed at $399 and sometimes sold at $349. I got it at amazon for $299. I got lucky. 


I am really happy with these cans. The first thing I noticed was its beautiful finish and neat design. It's highly portable, designed with the a person who is constant on move in mind. It seems to me that AKG wanted to give great quality sound with noise cancellation and that's what they pretty much achieved. 


I have Bose AE2 and IE2 and I have to tell you, these are far more superior sounding. Looking and reading at lots of reviews online, I realized that they are not only a lot more natural sounding than Bose, but perhaps right on top along with other mid-price premium headphones. I have not owned a headphone that has is able to reproduce sound so rich while at the same time block out almost all the background noise.


Speaking of ANC, here is what I think so far. It is able to block off almost all noise, from low rumbling of the AC or Fan to footsteps on carpet to mild whispers in the library are completely blocked off! I am not kidding. The rumbling in the bus/train, the rumbling due to exhaust in restrooms etc...they are reduced to a great extent.  I have not experienced the defacto standard - Bose QC15. So I don't know if it's actually better or on par with it or if bose is better ...but this one does an awesome job and that's all I care about.


I have to give you a word of advise - These are on ear headphones, not over ear... So while listening, make sure that the phones are placed snugly and comfortably on your ears, otherwise, the sound would leak and noise may enter. 


A major complaint that it gets in reviews on many websites and on youtube about this is that it's too heavy, too tight and you cannot wear them for more than 2 hours...

Well, I gotta tell you, that comfort is a subjective thing. I have been wearing them for past five hours continously. And only now my ears are beginning to feel tired. But hey 5 hours is pretty decent. I did feel that they are a bit too tight, but that's probably because I have to break it in ? IDK... But hey it's design allows you to make it possible for you to get to your sweet spot, where you won't really feel uncomfortable or too tight. Fiddle around with the moving parts of the can, and I am sure you'll find yours.


The only thing that really annoyed me was the ANC on/off switch. It's absurd how they have set it up. I don't understand why. I have to remove the headphone and turn it on/off and put it back on again...It's almost impossible to work the switch while you're wearing them. But it's a flaw I am willing to overlook, mainly because I don't plan to turn off ANC. 


Another important thing I would like to mention is that you can charge your headphones and you don't need batteries like Bose needs. So that's a good thing. 


I love this headphone and it's awesome. I'd recommend anyone to buy who wants premium quality cans that would last a long time and meant to be taken on the road.

I'd say it's worth the money you have spent, specially keeping in mind the build quality and sound quality you get.


Nice review, I'm partial to the idea that over the ears pnc better than on ear... but cans like the Senn Hd II 25-1 pnc like CRAZY, so an on ear can have nice pnc as well, the reason I mention passive noise cancelling is because it should work with the ANC to block out more noise ofc. Still I don't like the sound of too many on ears, those small drives <3 [although I should really try the dt 1350 b4 I write off all on ears]
Great review. I have had these headphones for six months now.they are amazing! I had a pair or the B&W P5s which were very good, but lack the deep accurate bass that I love. As soon as I heard the AKG 4965, just by accident at an airport headphones store, I was hooked. Weather you neeg NC or just amazing sounding headphones, get the AKG 495 nc. You wont regret it.
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