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AKG K495 NC Reviews

Positive Reviews


AKG K495 NC has exceptional sound paired with great noise cancellation!


Pros: Build Quality and Aesthetics, Sound Quality - Very natural and robust, Noise Cancellation on par or better than Competitors while keeping audio clean

Cons: Some discomfort from pressure on upper ear after extended listening (4+ hours), NC can make lows overpowering at times, soundstage could be better

This isn't going to be an extremely detailed review because I'm fairly inexperienced. I'm no Audiophile but I do appreciate good sound and clarity in my headphones. The K495's definitely offer outstanding clairty and SQ, especially in comparison to direct competitors such as Bose, HK, PSB.   BUILD   These are BEAUTIFUL headphones. The design is sturdy and svelte at the same time. Leather wraps the headband and covers the exterier of the cups. Aluminum/metal appears to be at the core of the overall build and everything is made with attention to detail. The leather is soft and it offers a very classy look you don't often seen on headphones in this category or...
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Negative Reviews


A little bass heavy, but overall very crisp. Follows the AKG soung signature very well


Pros: Sound Quality, Light Frame, Noise Cancelling

Cons: Fragility, mobility, Comfort

These headphones are extremely expensive! I bought these before I really understood the most important part of headphones, comfort. If I can't wear my headphones, why should I have ever bought them? I thought that the active noise cancelling module and the sound quality would make up for the comfort in the long run. I was wrong, I find these headphones extremely uncomfortable. I have very perky ears and on ear headphones just crush them. After about an hour I need a break to try and let my ears stop hurting.   I hate that I hate these headphones. I have lent these headphones to friends and they say the sound quality is the best they have ever heard (they compared them to bose QC,...
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More Reviews

anupam kumar1

A great ANC can with AKG brand natural sound


Pros: Most neutral sound, great design built to last, rugged cables, comfortable cushions, ANC that works pretty well, Great quality even with ANC off

Cons: Heavy, On ear, not over ear, ANC on/off switch is painful, ANC not as good as Bose QC15 (IDK, according to reviews), Costly

These are MSRPed at $399 and sometimes sold at $349. I got it at amazon for $299. I got lucky.    I am really happy with these cans. The first thing I noticed was its beautiful finish and neat design. It's highly portable, designed with the a person who is constant on move in mind. It seems to me that AKG wanted to give great quality sound with noise cancellation and that's what they pretty much achieved.    I have Bose AE2 and IE2 and I have to tell you, these are far more superior sounding. Looking and reading at lots of reviews online, I realized that they are not only a lot more natural sounding than Bose, but perhaps right on top along with other...
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