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Ruined by One BIG Design Flaw

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Pros: Good sound and comfort

Cons: Fatal Design Flaw

I got these phones as a gift, and I am quite happy with the sound quality and comfort. The noise cancelling is also quite good, and can completely eliminate certain frequencies of extraneous noise. Fun playing with the on/off switch to appreciate the difference! I listen to a wide variety of rock and old school 60s jazz, and the phones are quite good for this kind of music. Pad pressure on the ears is about perfect for me, and the pads themselves are comfortable.


But there's one killer here- the post that attaches the earpiece to the band can easily snap off, and there's no way to fix them. Mine broke, and when I mentioned their delicacy on an Amazon review, I got several other owners chiming in with the same issue. If you nag AKG enough, they WILL replace it with a fresh set. They did it for me, and an Amazon customer thanked me for giving him the scoop.


But AKG KNOWS this product has a design flaw. So they just replace it on an ad hoc basis to anyone who complains insistently on replacement. Despite being NCs, these are FAR too delicate to travel with. So you take your chances with what is otherwise a satisfying phone.


I had the K495 (unsure as to the difference between the two models, so apologies if irrelevant) and - to my way of reckoning, there is an even bigger flaw than that that you mention...

The left earpiece (where the electronics are held) has too much vacuum against the ear, and - whenever you put them on your head, you can hear the driver compress / crackle - after a few times of that happening, there was quite a major loss of treble / high end on the first pair that I had - and the second (replacement) pair I had sounded bad right out of the box - again, on the left side only...

AKG really should've thought about this design just a little bit more before pushing it to market!
I wonder how these compare to the Bose noise cancelling headphones. Please, if anyone has any experience with both of these, let me know and with enough details to make an informed decision or opinion.
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