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AKG K451 High-Performance Foldable Mini Headset (Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great value headset, perhaps not audiophile quality


Pros: Price, compact, useful with phone/great remote, great bass

Cons: A little flimsy, perhaps not audiophile quality

I bought these through an internet auction site for a very reasonable fee, so that will affect my view on these slightly as I've not paid RRP.   I am more than happy with the quality of sound that these put out from my iPhone. The soundstage picks out the individual instruments and puts them together very well with a good measure of bass (which was my main requirement for purchase). I have a varied taste in music, but is mostly rock/alternative and it plays these very effectively with even the acoustic versions coming through with great clarity. I have trained as a sound engineer, and have a good audible range in my hearing so was expecting to be able to pick out issues, but have...
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Negative Reviews


Anemic and muddy at the same time!


Pros: Nice packaging. The remote control seems to work

Cons: Mediocre at best...

I joined head-fi specificaly to post this review....   First - my credentials as a headphone user (as far as they go). I've been into hi-fi for 3 decades, and consider myself a reasonably discerning and critical listener. I'm currently using some byerdanmic p50t's, a pair of koss prota pros :-D and some sound magic e10 in-ears for the bus :-(. Disclaimer - I've also posted more or less the same review below on the What Hi-Fi site. Everyone needs to be warned about these lame headphones! We have to save ourselves from the pernicious mediocrity and terrible superficiality they represent! I honestly can't understand how these headphones won any kind of award, let...
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More Reviews


compact, great sound, too bassy


Pros: compact, foldable, comfortable, great sound

Cons: too bassy!

I bought these about 3 weeks ago as a to-go pair with my QLS QA350.  I should preface by saying I'm not particularly experienced with audiophile gear.  These would be my first considered purchase in the reasonable-quality area after becoming fed up with lousy fidelity from mainstream mp3 crapola.   I bought the QLS and the AKG's simultaneously, so I'm not entirely sure which exactly the qualities emanate from, but I'll hazard a guess.   SOUND First things first. The initial characteristic that leapt out at me the moment I tried these was smooth! I don't know what the technical underlying basis for this characteristic is but, compared to what I've...
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Excellent performance in a compact package


Pros: Compact, solid build, carry case included, cable can be replaced, single sided cable, easy to live with sound, good bass response

Cons: Can become uncomfortable after long periods, lacks a little sparkle

Considering the poor review level here I felt I had to post a review:   I spent some time checking reviews of these AKG K451 headphones, and found conflicting comments. What I can do is confirm that What Hifi (who awarded these a best buy in 2014) were right, these are excellent headphones even straight out of the box with no burn in time. My requirements were for a compact set of 'on-ear' folding headphones. This obviously means certain compromises need to be made, so the 451s will not match up to larger more expensive headphones, but for £50 are excellent performers. Build quality feels good and though I have only had them a few days, don't feel that anything is likely to break....
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