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Excellent performance based on the price

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Pros: Comfy fit, Overall volume gain is good

Cons: Bass response is inaccurate and overcompensated

I literally just picked a pair of these up from guitar center about an hour ago. I brought them home and compared them with my Rokit 6 monitors and cheap Senhieser HD 201 headphones. Immediately I noticed the bass response is too high and inaccurate, which is disappointing from a studio mixing point of view. Due to this I'd imagine these get a lot of good reviews based off the pyschoacoustic effect that louder is better. Overall, these would be great consumer headphones at a phenomenal price break, but clearly these are not for the true studio mixing engineer. 

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They don't even have real bass. Just a fakish upper bass hump. Mids have some resolution, but sound a bit resonant and muffled at the same time. Agree otherwise on your review.
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