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AKG K401


Pros: natural sound, comfort, big soundstage

Cons: hard to drive

These headphones are very similar to the K501. They do similar natural, analytical sound, however they have different flawor.

The K401 have little bit more impact on the bass and have little more body, but they dont have the refined euphonic upper-mid-high K501 flawor.

The K401 is more all-around headphone than the K501, but still have the bass roll-off. For rock, hiphop the K401 is better choice,  the K501 is better for classical, acoustical music.

AKG K401

Discontinued open, circumaural headphones. "The K401 provide everything rock and pop music fans want to hear: tight, powerful bass; crystal-clear sound quality; and impressive power. Varimotion System technology enhances low frequency performance, resulting in a powerful overall sound." (AKG) Impedance: 120 ohm Sensitvity: 94dB/mW Freq. response: 18-28K Hz

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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › Over-Ear › AKG K401