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AKG K340, 4200hrs studio-3900 hrs live....and still going

A Review On: AKG K340 Electrostatic-Dynamic Headphones

AKG K340 Electrostatic-Dynamic Headphones

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Pros: Long life, used in both studio, live sound, and for fun

Cons: after buying them new in 1987, the foam is a little worn, wire tension on the pods is a little loose

When I first began my career, I was looking for some inexpensive but good quality headphones for my personal reference. The K340`s were less expensive than the cream of the crop at that time, the Staxx system with the discrete amp, etc. Over the years I have had no problems with the jack shorting, cord fraying, plastic breaking, etc. They have always been reliable and within the factory specs.  At the time the k340 came about, most of the less expensive headphones had the standard 3 strand wire design that was not well shielded and little separation of the left-right-gnd wires inside the mono outer casement. My K340`s have the molded 4 wire flat cable that provides about .080" separation between the conductors. I have never had problems with crosstalk or noise from the headphone wiring that I can remember. They have held up very well over the years. I have used them as reference head monitors for a number of recording projects from Margo O'Donnell, Dolly Parton, Five Bucks, to the smokey mountain travelers. They remind me of a headphone version of some JBL 4310`s or some good NS-10s. For live, the ear  foam ring does do an ok job with high spl situations during a loud show. They have survived many road shows over the years. I still pack them in the original Styrofoam vendor packaging. They are well used and loved and they have never let me  down. I am surprised that AKG stopped making them years ago, but has continued making the k240 which is the baby. I feel as though I made a decent investment those many years ago. And, if I ever need to, I can send them to Austria for a tune-up. thanks all 


I got my AKG K340s back in the early 80s. Mine look like new but I need to locate the rubber bands for the head set. I think these are pretty special in that you can forget your listening to headphones. There like speakers for your ears.
Hi oddioengin. I have a pair of AKG K340 and am being a little unsuccessful with my enquiries here in France. I have tried Austria, France and England and they seem to be confused with the newer model K 340 which is an in-ear device. You said that you could always return yours to Austria for a tune up, so can you give me the contact details please.
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