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Great IEM

A Review On: AKG K3003

AKG K3003

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Pros: natural tune, full of detail, beautiful crafted

Cons: a little overprice

Treble: a little bit piercing, especially on IPC. However, if connet this with the Hifiman player like HM-602, HM-603 or HM-801, the treble would be bright but not piercing.


Mid: clean and natural. Some might say it's lack of warmth, but with a warmth sound music player, the mid will be warm and full of emotion.


Bass: when I bought this, I thought this IEM lack of bass. After run for longer than 700 hours. It has much better perfomance on bass, especially the depth of the bass.


Soundstage: the only word to discribe the soundstage of this IEM is UNBELIEVEABLE. I just can't imaging an IEM can have this range of soundstage. 


Imaging: Amazing, just like the perfomance on the soundstage. I can clearly feel the different locations of all the music instrument.


Vocal: very natural, slightly forward. clearly seperated to the accompany. clear and bright, might feel lack of warmth with some player.


Comfort: I have to say, the K3003 is very comfort for me, but not for the guys who have narrow ear canal.


Isolation: the isolation of this IEM is not that good, but still better than many IEM, after use the Comply foam tips, the isolation getting better.


About the dynamic and balanced armature units: I have to say, the K3003 is the best hybrid headphone I've ever heard. I think the coherency is quite good.


Hi great review
Can you please tell me which comply tips you are using?
Thx in advance
I heartily agree to everything above. This is what I would also describe the AKG3003i.
If you love akg3003i, you can also try the sm64 from earsonic, its pretty good in my books.
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