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The best universal IEM I have heard so far.

A Review On: AKG K3003

AKG K3003

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Pros: overall sound quality, transparency, imaging, sound stage

Cons: price, sound quality is critical to your gear

Gears used: HiSoundAudio Studio V, iRiver AK100


Tracks used: SoundProLab Absolute Sampler Album

                    Kamikazee's Maharot

                    Mary Stallings, Sunny

                    All in Lossless CD Quality 44khz/16bit



I think this is a great value for an IEM, to have this kind of sound quality yet very portable to carry around is just amazing. If you can save up to buy these they are definitely worth it.


Audio Quality:

I am not very technical so I'll just share you in a way that I can.


I think this is where the K3003 shine the most, It was able to provide layers and separation in all notes, not too many IEMs can do that specially at the low frequencies, other IEMs tend to sound distorted when a set of bass level instruments are produced simultaneously, with the K3003 the lows from drums, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar are significantly heard separately. The mids and highs are like that as well.



The presentation is simply amazing, you can close your eyes and imagine where the band is playing whether the music was produce to sound as if you were in a bar with a small stage or a large concert stadium.



The largest I've heard on any universal IEM.


Sound Signature:

Very very very natural, very similar to Beyerdynamic T1 which is my favorite full sized headphones. Everything you will hear in K3003 is very real, the drum hits are just unbelievable, the guitar strings sound as if you're the one playing them, you can even hear the singer's lips open. I am not exaggerating this.



Great but its just a couple notch to becoming excellent I just want a little more punch and a little more bass extension but very little.



Great, maybe excellent if we are only comparing with IEM.



Excellent, the most pleasurable highs I have heard, very clear but not fatiguing.



I guess if I can pin point a problem it will be the comfort, well its not actually uncomfortable but you get the feeling that the IEM is losing its grip inside after awhile but not really.



4 stars because of the comfort problem that I mentioned, this is with comparison to Westone silicon tips that locks up instantly without any effort.



This is the best universal IEM that I have heard so far. I may come bias since I have not heard other expensive earphones available in the market other than the Sennheiser IE 800 and Westone 4R. I am very familiar with the headphones Beyerdynamic T1 and Sennheiser HD 800. Sure there are a lot of portable gear setups that can surpass the sound quality that you can get from a mere set of earphones and a dap, but hey its a mere set of earphones and a dap!







Some feedback:
If you say something is the best you've ever heard, tell us what you heard.
The largest I've heard on any IEM.
Is this your first, second or 100th IEM? Did you ever try JH16 Custom in ears?
The way I understand it he has heard "IE 800 and Westone 4R" as he writes under "Overall:" Did you miss that, or did I miss something? BTW, I enjoyed this personal review! Thanks ricoc82!
LOL I think he owns the premier audiophile shop in the Philippines, of course he has tried and has a lot of experience. Check out Egghead Audiohub https://www.facebook.com/eggheadph?ref=ts&fref=ts
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