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A Review On: AKG K3003

AKG K3003

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Pros: Beautifully crafted, very comfortable, clean sound, different filters to choose from

Cons: Piercing treble, lack of warmth, very overpriced

These shiny, luxurious little in-ear monitors that come in a very exclusive box sure feel very expensive in terms of look and feel. They shells attach behind your earlobes and rest comfortably there. This is the most comfortable in-ear headphone I've worn. 


They can be driven from an iPhone as well as an amp, sound will not be any different. 


The sound of these didn't impress. They have that clean, clinical sound yet lack the clarity to sit at this price range. The midrange is fairly neutral, but also quite flat sounding. The treble extends very high but is a bit piercing. Fatiguing to listen to for extended periods of time. 

The bass can be changed using the filters, which I didn't try. But it sure is a useful feature. The bass I heard was quite impactful, with zero muddiness. 

Soundstage is small on these, and again the midrange is quite flat sounding. 


Overall a clean in-ear monitor that looks and feels luxurious. But it's in no way worth this price. I prefer the Sennheiser HD 25 for portable use.


Thank you. This review actually sounds honest and not like astroturfing. Rare for me to come across these days.
I didn't find the sound stage to be small but rather large for IEMs. Its not the size of the IE80s but rather wide still (EX1000 territory). The treble can be a bit peaky but no problem with normal volume listening. The mid-range is a bit flat as he says. The bass and mid-range can also be a bit disconnected (lack of coherency). I was still debating on buying them but I have just recently heard even better hybrid IEMs and I will opt for those instead :).
lee730: May I know what hybrid IEM that you prefer instead of the AKG?
temporaryname: Glad to help!

lee730 Well to be honest I've not listened to many high end IEMs, so don't know how the soundstage compares to the competitors. I found it flat (lacking depth) but hey maybe that's a trade-off you'll have to make. I've heard from friends the Shure SE535 is significantly better, will try to audition that one :)

Would you say that the IE80 is as good as the K3003? Since the releas of the latter, 4 years are passed by, so I think there must be a strong competition for the K3003 by now, I wonder which in ears are up to same level soundwise but moderately priced?
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