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AKG 3003 Serious FAIL (considering price)

A Review On: AKG K3003

AKG K3003

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Pros: It's OK

Cons: Poor value





1.      Not coherent throughout the audio band:

a. Overall neutral, but but but

b. What’s up with the peaks in the upper mids/lower treble?*

c. Little bit bloated in the bass

d. Bass not keeping up with the mids/treble

2.      Little bullet design = comfort/fit that blows monkey chucks

3.      Mid-fi resolution

4.      Aren't IEMs supposed to isolate?


Significant sonic issues indicated in red.



* Pop and rock do not sound good. However your results may be better with classical or music with acoustic instruments.


Haha, brilliant review. It's not a wall of text and yet I feel I learnt something useful. Oh, and it's not all "5 Star Everything!". Thanks Purrin.
It is well know the AKG 3003 requires 850 hours burn-in before sounding OK and really improve after 1250 hours. ;-)
It's not horrible, but it doesn't compare to some of the best. When you consider that the DBA2s/B2s for $200 do much better than these $1200 IEMs - which aren't even customs, you have to wonder what kind of shenanigans AKG is trying to pull off. I was only interested in them because a saw a post where someone said these sounded better than the UERMs and JH13s, so I had to take a good listen to these when I had the opportunity. As far as I am concerned, this product is some kind of sick joke.
Would be interested to see if your oppnion changes with burn in....I'm not being paid by AKG to say this.
@The10thDoctor - I laughed so hard at your two posts but I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment. Welcome to 'high-end audio'.
I lost faith in these when I 1. Saw the TWFK driver, 2. The random prices ($1000 in one country, $1500 in another), and 3. The fancy "mens jewellery" commercial, that just took the cake.

Purrin, can you turn your review into a thread? Or your seldom perspective will be lost. These "mini reviews" are hardly ever looked at.
@zenpunk - 1250 hours of burn-in? I sincerely hope you're kidding. I ain't paying $1500 for something that I have to keep running 24/7 for 52 days before I can actually enjoy it
It's good that you added the "executive summary", otherwise I would not have bothered reading this review.
You should do a real review and not post this nonsense. Sorry.
@tdockweiler...Purrin and I went back and forth with this craptastic IEM. After spending countless minutes reading reviews, I think we have both come to the conclusion that when reviewing products aimed at the "high end", it's best to just be straight forward, honest and quick. As far as I am concerned, this IEM received the review it deserved. The fact it even got a review is too much. I honestly feel it didn't deserve the time I spent with it. It's a total musical turd.
Im glad i didnt pick these up, almost got a pair off rehan for a grand, but now that i think about it its not worth it at all.
Wow, half a star... Someone really hates these IEMs. Now if they sell like Beats, that would be really hilarious.
I love the "Executive Summary" combined with a "Serious FAIL" and stoned South Park pic.
He's not stoned...just sleep deprived from hearing so much craptastic gear...
My wallet thanks you purrin. Brutal honesty like this is needed more often around here, over so much prevalent hype.
^ No, what we need are LESS "reviews" like this. If people wanted this, they could go to amazon and read them. I'm tired of all these 1/5 star reviews. To me, this is no better than the people who give the M50 a 1/5 because it doesn't match their sound signature preference.
Then write your own damn review
Why would I want to review an overpriced IEM? If I did, it'd be somewhat better than the youtube like comments Purrin has made. Maybe you know..describe the sound signature instead of "what's up with the mids?" or how it blows monkey chucks.
Updated to provide more info. Note that the 0.5 stars was for overall value. Sound quality is 2.5 stars = so so OK. The reason the review is short is because I didn't have nor care about the packaging, the history of the product, background info on its development, # of or type of drivers, shininess or color of the unit, review 3D illustrations of explanations of the technology employed, etc.
I simply grabbed them and shoved them in my ear as much as possible, played around with them to get a good seal, tried so shove them more into my ear to get he best bass, etc. There are a lot of great $950-999 IEMs today. This K3003 is $1,200. It's not bad, but neither is it good.
BTW, I don't give 5 stars to anything. Even the Eddie Current Balancing Act gets 4.5 stars. There's only one piece of equipment that I own that I would give 5 stars, and you can't buy it.
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