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AKG K280

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Pros: Good sound, great comfort, pretty easy to drive, AKG product support, cool piece of hifi history

Cons: Open drivers collect dust

The twin-driver layout of the K280 Parabolic has fascinated me for some time, so when I found a unit that was too cheap to be true, there was no way that I could resist. In response to some rather negative comments about the K280, I had considered re-selling them after a short test, but thought differently about that from the moment I unboxed them. The unit I received was barely used, with good elastics, good earpads, a good cable and almost no wear & tear.


Just as other similar AKG phones, the K280 fits my head more or less perfectly. Although those are big phones that weigh a bit, I can wear them for hours with only little fatigue and they feel spacious and "airy".

Same goes for their sound: It is nicely detailled, bass is good, treble slightly rolled off. Soundstage is rather wide, instruments appear less inside the head than e.g. with the K240. And, in accordance to the design goals, they produce insane levels if desired and still sound good. The original earpads probably weren't that good after all and made my unit sound slightly hollow in the midrange. That problem, however, has been cured by a brand-new set of AKG velours pads. It sounds good again and is more comfortable than ever.


As it turned out, the K280 is a good complement to the other AKGs I have, a K271 Studio and a K240 Monitor. So it is K271 for long days in the studio, K240 for general listening and K280 for practice on my digital piano. They sound "nicer" than the 271 and are easier to drive with a digital piano than the 240. For €20 plus €7 shipping they're the deal of the year.


Another big pro: They're AKGs. Maintenance is easy once you've figured out the basic design, parts are generally afforable and - with few exceptions - still available. Free access to service diagrams on the AKG website.


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