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AKG K267 Reviews


Great sounding celebrity endorsed headphone


Pros: Beautiful sonic presentation, subbass, wonderful mids, non fatiguing highs, comfortable, variable bass, mini-xlr dual entry socket

Cons: questionable build quality (at least in the past)

I don't constantly own a huge headphone inventory, in the past I had the Sennheiser Amperior + HD25, ATH-M50X, and currently have the V-MODA M100. Compared to those headphones the K267 is superior if you prefer a more natural sound. All of the previous cans I mentioned are somewhat more aggressive sounding. The focus seems to be on a musical presentation rather than pure fun.   the K267 Tiesto is a smooth sounding headphone with a subtle sub bass boost in its club and stage settings, while the studio setting is a bit too restrained for me I enjoy the club and especially the stage setting the most.   It always sounds coherent and uncolored, it doesn't have the widest of...
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Great DJ Head Phones


Pros: Exceptional Noise Reduction Great Lows, Great for Club or Festival

Cons: Get Hot with Extended Use, swivel can be improved - Not comfortable for One Ear Mixing

The AKG K267 T√čISTO Over the Ear DJ HeadPhones are a true Marvel.   Exceptional Build Quality for the Price, no cut corners.   3 Listening Modes   Excellent Noise Reduction, virtually eliminates all outside sound (Studio Mode)   Comes with two choices of XLR Plugs Coiled and Non Coiled (Very Long). Travel Bag (Could Be Improved).   These headphones need to be "Burned In" for about 10 hours to get the true sound out of them.
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