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Manage to be better than the sum of their parts

A Review On: AKG K240 'Sextett'

AKG K240 'Sextett'

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Pros: Detail, placement, mids, musicality

Cons: Treble/bass extension, small soundstage

I purchased these to serve as a dual-purpose music listening and audio production headphone. I am driving them out of my Little Dot MKII and Beresford TC-7510. They've also been recabled by Fitz with his black clover cable.


Highs: The highs are my least favorite thing. They don't extend that far and lack presence, although they are by no means bad. They're reasonable detailed.


Mids: Beauitiful! They're beautiful and rich and luscious. Female vocals especially sound good. They also seem to exist in their own space, seperated from the rest of the music. It's lovely.


Lows: I have the bass heavy LP version and the lows are kinda average. The extension is alright but they're a bit loose. They don't have much punch or tightness.


Soundstage: The soundstage itself is pretty small but the placement and seperation makes up for it. Every instrument exists within it's own space and as a result they feel airy and spacious, despite the small soundstage. I can pinpoint each instrument in the mix. When something comes in it seems to be exactly where it should be. This is one of the main strengths of the Sextett.


Detail: The detail is also fantastic. It's almost Ety like. I'm picking up things I've never heard before, like the final decay of the reverb on a snare, or an intake of breath. This makes them pretty damn good for audio production.


Compared to my HF2 they're a few seats back and don't have that same crunchy Grado involving energy, but nothing does. What they do have is a very good sense of musicality. They're involving. If I want to I can go delving into the music, focusing on one individual instrument, but I can also sit back and let it present itself around me. Despite their technical faults (lack of treble and bass extension, small soundstage) they do enough things RIGHT to be very enjoyable.

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look i bought a set of AKG K 240 sextett with about 4 dollars. Can anyone explain me wahy are so good ? Beside the really really good sound. Thank you.
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