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A Review On: AKG K240 MKII Headphones

AKG K240 MKII Headphones

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Pros: Amazing quality of bass, mids, and upper ranges, very comfortable, great depth of sound, no blurring of audio, no "in-head" feel, light, feels durable

Cons: cord is very long, burn-in takes a little while, EDIT: great difficulty changing cords FURTHER EDIT: difficulty individual and unlikely, due to defect

I love these headphones. I have been using little earbuds for a while, and they have been quite good, for earbuds, but I decided that I needed better headphones for both listening to music and operating the soundboard at my school. I just received them in the mail today, and have been listening to them for the past three hours straight. They are a little soft on my ipod, (duh) but far from inaudible, due to their high resistance, but that is to be expected, and amplifiers are readily available possibly as a future purchase. My laptop volume is at 22%, and it is very comfortable. Since I have started using these, their burn in has started to really make a difference, and the sound quality is getting even more amazing. I can also still hear some outside noises very quietly due to the design of the earpieces, so I can hear other things, but it is easy to tune it out. This is good for me, because I like knowing what is going on around me, but I can see it being a problem for some people. This is my first major audio purchase, only done because of a massive 60% sale on amazon, but it is definitely worth it. Listening to Phillip Glass, I can hear every instrument as though I were at a live performance. Dubstep is also very good, with very strong bass, but not overpowering the uppers, rock is also great, thanks to the amazing range of the phones, and the quality of all ranges of the head phones. Listening to "Paint it, Black", I noticed a lot of guitar riffs I hadn't been able to hear over the lyrics. Country and Pop are about the same as rock, a lot of harmonic details coming through. Some songs which use extreme left/right splits in effects can get a little disconcerting because of the extremes of one ear to the other, but that is probably the intended effect that I have been missing out on all these years. Used with my electric violin, I could hear the tones much more clearly, and it sounded great. OK, so I love them, if that wasn't clear, but in all fairness, they are a huge step up for me, and I am probably missing things I am used to not having. I do have good tonal hearing as a result of nearly 14 years of violin playing, so I would say I am qualified to judge audio quality, but on what is to be expected from headphones, I am not an authority.


Would most definitely recommend.


EDIT: today, the cable connecting headset to audio source decided that it would just stay there forever, leaving me with a functional, but annoying pair of headphones. I am not going to attempt to open them up until I know what I'm doing, but it is still annoying to lose use of one of the cables included with these headphones. Sound quality has only gotten better as the headphones burn in. 

FURTHER EDIT: cable was just busted, I read up on schematics, cracked it open (carefully), and fixed the problem. connector had a bad release catch, so it's unusable, gonna send it back in for replacement if I can. Other cable works perfectly, and everything else is good. Glad to see it wasn't a headset problem.


b4 I quit headfi, think I will snag one...having heard the k271mkii, k70x...
this semi open should be interesting. thanks for the review!!
Honestly, looking at the cons and edits why 5 stars? This just negates all your review.
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