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Fantastic in all areas

A Review On: AKG K240 MKII Headphones

AKG K240 MKII Headphones

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Pros: Great sound, clear mids, nice highs, and perfect lows. Very comfortable.

Cons: With velour pads a little shallow. but I found a fix.

I am new to higher end headphones, so I might not know all the correct wording, but I will do my best. Before I got these AKG's, my headphones where a set of Bose Tri-Ports, a old set of Realistic  on ear phones made by Koss, and a inear set of Pure Sound 8mm's. These AKG's are fantastic. Great definition and clariety. I do not like overpowering bass, and these don't have it. I feel it is about perfect.Highs are clear without being harsh. Mids are amazing, i love guitar sound from these. sound incredable. same with piano. with the velour pads, my ears touched the inside pad. i took p strip of napkin and rolled it up and stuffed it under the back half of the pad. not to much or it could pull off the pad. it raised the pad enough i  no longer touch the side. problem solved. i listen to all kinds of music, but since i got these, i spend more time listening to jazz, smooth jazz, and classical. they sound so amazing through them. of course all music does. well i do not listen to metal or rap, so i don't know about them. when i first got them i used a Fiio E6. i then got a Fiio E11. drives them just fine. as a source i use a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. i want to start using a netbook for music and get a dac. but i need to find info on how using those work. ( any recomended reading on that? book, website, whatever.) as you can tell, this is my first review. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


as for the AKG's, get it.


thanks for reading,




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