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A good, general choice for your first step into audiophilia.

A Review On: AKG K240 MKII Headphones

AKG K240 MKII Headphones

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Pros: Good mid-high range, stylish AKG look, comfortable, many accesories.

Cons: The cups might be too shallow for some, otherwise i have no complaints .

These were my first pair of quality headphones. and overall, I find them to be very good.


They are very comfortable, and they come with 2 different set of earpads, pleather and fabric. It also comes with a coiled cord along with a straight cord, which allows for flexibilty in different situations.


After finally being able to compare the quality of the 240's versus A700's and XB500's, i have found the errors in my previous review. The 240 actually has a rather nice amount of bass so most songs have the kick they need. For People who enjoy the Hearing Guitars scream or enjoy soothing vocals, these are a great pair for you. Even for the Heavy Metal, Headbangers; there's enough bass for you to rock your head to screeching guitars and lose your mind.


Of course these go well with Pop music too. Since pop relies mostly on vocals and mids, these help accentuate the best part of the song. Jazz also plays along with these rather nicely, mostly due to the clean, crisp, sound created by the semi-open design. The sound stage is above average but nothing mind blowing.


Some tips and info for new audiophiles though:

semi-open does leak quite a bit of sound, so it could be a disturbance to others.

An amp might be needed, for it is rather quiet.

Not the most portable pair. Possible, but rather bulky.


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