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AKG K240 MKII Headphones Reviews


Clean, detailed and relatively balanced headphone with one major flaw for me personally.


Pros: Beautiful mids, instrument separation, detail retreival, non-fatiguing, light weight

Cons: Positional accuracy, small earpads. slight lack of punchiness (though this does make them an easy listen)

Introduction I have owned these headphones for four years now. These were my first decent pair that I researched before buying. Before this I had just bought inexpensive headphones that happened to be in the shop at the time or used ones that were bundled with something. For me, the £80 (approximately) that I paid for them was a huge leap and they were basically my introduction to this hobby. As such, it pains me to give them three and a half stars as I am fond of them, however they have a flaw that not all people will necessarily encounter but it detracts from them significantly for me.   Notes As this headphone has been around for some time, there is no shortage of photographs...
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Great studio headphones for performance... Good casual listening experience as well.


Pros: Nice texture in mids to highs. Decent price. Exciting studio performance headphone.

Cons: Weak plastic build. Plastic components in ear cups will wear out, snowballing into further damage. Extremely bright.

I see a lot of reviews on here saying that they are "super smooth" in the mid range... Well I will tell you, the mid range is very interesting on these headphones... But it is definitely harsh. I always need to roll the volume back to accommodate this one peak in the mid range which dominates the spectrum. Don't get me wrong, they sound very exciting and fun to listen to, especially for music with reverbs. They show up due to the brightness. Bass is lacking, as is obviously inherent in using the term "bright". The best impression I can give is that they have a sort of "analog drive" to them which is very 70's sounding, and the I have a feeling that the mark 1's would have the better, more...
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The Refreshingly Tranquil Selection


Pros: Clean, Clear, Natural Sound, Thick & Creamy Mids, Good Tonality & Resolution, Spacious/Airy Soundstage, High in Detail, Good Amount of Accessories

Cons: Plastic Build, Bass-Lacking

Review on the AKG K240 MK. II It's been a while since I wrote up a review, and well...I'm back again with another write up!      Introduction Lately, I've been on the prowl for a pair of headphones that offer the open/semi-open back design, as I was curious about these types of headphones. Coming from a pair of V-Moda M100's, I was really after a quality alternative to the closed-back, bassy headphones. A wide soundstage and a clean sound has been something I like to look for when it comes to buying an audio product, whether it be an amp or a pair of IEMs/Headphones. I was talking to a friend a while back, and I've been recommended to check out the AKG...
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Solid Starter Headphones


Pros: Comfort; Midrange; Clean strong bass; Non fatiguing sound

Cons: Rolled off highs; Not easy to drive

After getting a FiiO e10, to bypass the crappy onboard sound on my computer, I was looking for some headphones to replace my Sennheiser HD485's and to kind of justify the purchase of the DAC/amp. After perusing the forums I noticed a trend about the AKG 240's, they pop up only now and then as a recommendation, but, at the same time, they seem to be consensually regarded as solid headphone. This sparked my interest  as some other more recommended models (such as the M50) seem to be cast in a hype light, users generally usually either really like them or have a special dislike for them. So what makes them such consensual entry level cans? I guess comfort play a big part in this...
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A good, general choice for your first step into audiophilia.


Pros: Good mid-high range, stylish AKG look, comfortable, many accesories.

Cons: The cups might be too shallow for some, otherwise i have no complaints .

These were my first pair of quality headphones. and overall, I find them to be very good.   They are very comfortable, and they come with 2 different set of earpads, pleather and fabric. It also comes with a coiled cord along with a straight cord, which allows for flexibilty in different situations.   After finally being able to compare the quality of the 240's versus A700's and XB500's, i have found the errors in my previous review. The 240 actually has a rather nice amount of bass so most songs have the kick they need. For People who enjoy the Hearing Guitars scream or enjoy soothing vocals, these are a great pair for you. Even for the Heavy Metal, Headbangers;...
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Decent detailed sound. Good value for the money.


Pros: Details, Loud, good bass and mids

Cons: Not suitable for mix and master

I'm professional musician and I bought it for my home studio. I own also Sennheiser HD 449. From my perspective It might be difficult to mix and master on these AKG if you are not used to them because they are heavy on bass and middles, sound is not balanced. HD449 are more suitable for that purpose because they are more balanced. I still use AKG in the end to check if song makes even more impression in good headphones. Anyway, If buy them for listening to the music - they are the best. The sound is brilliant - good mids, punch in the bass, very clean highs.



Pros: Amazing quality of bass, mids, and upper ranges, very comfortable, great depth of sound, no blurring of audio, no "in-head" feel, light, feels durable

Cons: cord is very long, burn-in takes a little while, EDIT: great difficulty changing cords FURTHER EDIT: difficulty individual and unlikely, due to defect

I love these headphones. I have been using little earbuds for a while, and they have been quite good, for earbuds, but I decided that I needed better headphones for both listening to music and operating the soundboard at my school. I just received them in the mail today, and have been listening to them for the past three hours straight. They are a little soft on my ipod, (duh) but far from inaudible, due to their high resistance, but that is to be expected, and amplifiers are readily available possibly as a future purchase. My laptop volume is at 22%, and it is very comfortable. Since I have started using these, their burn in has started to really make a difference, and the sound...
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Very solid sounding headphone for its price


Pros: Great sound, clear mids and highs, very comfortable headband,

Cons: Shallow ear pad, need a bit of amping

It is my first pair of good quality headphone, it just turns me in to an audiophile within weeks.   The headphone is very comfortable, it comes with a 3.5mm to 6.2mm adapter, two sets of earpads, straight cable and coil cables.   It sounded muddy when it was plugged directly to my laptop after the headphone already run for 200 hours, having a look in head-fi and i got the FiiO E17 The amp clears up the sound and its more dynamic. Vocal is very clear from this headphone, the sound stage is quite wide and no punchy bass.   Recommend to listen to Jazz, vocal and instrumental. 

Fantastic in all areas


Pros: Great sound, clear mids, nice highs, and perfect lows. Very comfortable.

Cons: With velour pads a little shallow. but I found a fix.

I am new to higher end headphones, so I might not know all the correct wording, but I will do my best. Before I got these AKG's, my headphones where a set of Bose Tri-Ports, a old set of Realistic  on ear phones made by Koss, and a inear set of Pure Sound 8mm's. These AKG's are fantastic. Great definition and clariety. I do not like overpowering bass, and these don't have it. I feel it is about perfect.Highs are clear without being harsh. Mids are amazing, i love guitar sound from these. sound incredable. same with piano. with the velour pads, my ears touched the inside pad. i took p strip of napkin and rolled it up and stuffed it under the back half of the pad. not to much or it...
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Superbly clean and sharp, a relaxed sound signature


Pros: Clear mids and highs, a comfortable over ear design

Cons: Lows and highs become overshadowed by supremely clean mids.

Some of the cleanest mids you'll get for the price point. Possibly the perfect entry-level cans for music lovers who want a neutral sound signature.   Bear in mind that most AKG cans are not bass-centric. For bassheads, the K240s may turn you off. Surprisingly, I've grown accustomed to the lightweight bass that the K240's offer. Sure, its bass may be overly mild, but you'll hear the rest of the soundscape with a clarity you will not expect. I listen to these cans with the Cowon J3 which appear to give the K240's more "oomph". However, if you want the kind of "punchy bass" that audiophiles talk about, look elsewhere.    Tracks observed: Omnia - The...
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