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AKG K171 MKII Headphones Reviews

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Deceptioned ; expected more


Pros: Audio fidelity, Lightweight, Isolation

Cons: Very tight, lacks Bass, Small for some people ; low volume

Well, I just moved from a Genius GX Cavimanus (gaming headset) to an AKG K171 MKII recently. I am using it for nearly 3 months. My main use is to listen music on PC, gaming and watch some series.   My thoughts:     The AKG K171 MKII is VERY TIGHT, especially for fat guys (like me) or / and with big head.   It have GREAT Medium, Low and Highs but lacks an punching BASS. So, bassheads, run from this headphone.     The pros comparing with the gaming headset I owned, the AKG isolates much more because it is an closed headphone, it have much more fidelity in audio distribution than any gaming headset I've owned so far and it is very lightweight.  ...
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not to be overlooked


Pros: vocal reproduction is amazing

Cons: uncomfortable after a while

They're not hard to drive, they isolate the environment well, and they are the best phones I've heard so far.   They are lean on bass until you plug them into a good amp. I tried them with a NuForce Icon HD and they sounded so unbelievably detailed and pleasant with strong bass, clarity through the entire range, spacious sound stage, and clear yet unhard trble. I was blown away at how good these things really are.   I usually just monitor voice-over straight from the monitor port and these are fantastic in that arrangement because without an amp, they are nearly perfect in the human vocal range already.   They have two earpad types in the box and two...
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You can't go wrong with these


Pros: Robust, block outside sound well, easy to pack

Cons: Tight on the head at first

These are great headphones and I'm glad I bought them. My other headphones are HD 600s and they let you hear more of the spectrum than these guys but otherwise I like these much more. These guys are well built. You can throw them across the room without worrying you're going to break them where as a lot more expensive phones would break if you threw them half way across the room. Why does that matter? If your wife finds out you spent the new laundry machine budget on another set of headphones then you may want that robustness. The cable on these took a hell of a beating. I ran over it 800 times with my chair, I pulled on it hard many times in the process and it took about 1 to 1.5 years...
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