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AKG K141 (Silver)

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Pros: liquid smooth

Cons: none to think of.

I'll keep this very short.  They are very smooth sounding.  Treble toned down so not so good for rock but have a magic about them that makes them better than mark 2.  I use them with a '89/'90 Marantz PM50 integrated.  Very powerful amp with a great headphone out.  Don't need to go past ten o;clock even with these 600 ohm babies. Anyway, great vintage headphones that are well made and worth a go at the right price.

AKG K141 (Silver)

These need no introduction. If you have listened to the venerable AKG Sextett line-up, then you know what the silver AKG K141 sounds like. Excluding the passive radiators and the "styling", the silver AKG K141 shares the same drivers as the AKG K240 Sextett. However, instead of being completely circumaural, the silver AKG K141 is a mix between supraaural and circumaural, encompassing the outer ridge of the ear, but not the entire ear.

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