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AKG K1000


Pros: Soundstage, Imaging, Transparency

Cons: Require Recabling and Specific Amplification

Well, I have tried all of the great headphones over the last few years (Stax, Sennheiser, Grado, AKG, Audeze, Beyer Dynamic, etc.) and I have returned to my all-time favorite K1000s with Stefan Audio Arts Equinox cabling - driven by a Macintosh C2200 tube preamplifier and a First Watt F1 amplifier.   What brings me back is the incredible soundstage, the imaging and the transparency of the sound.   I no longer listen to the system - I listen to the music.    What more could I ask.  I am re-listening to my entire music collection with such appreciation for the incredible performances.    I am really happy with the K1000s in this configuration.  Of course I will keep listening to other offerings (it is a hobby after all), but it will take a lot for me to switch from these great "earspeakers".

AKG K1000

AKG's discontinued ear speaker.

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