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A Review On: AKG K 702 Headphones

AKG K 702 Headphones

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Pros: Awesome Soundstage, Great Sound Quality, Flat yet musical frequency response, Comfort, Perfect for Home-Studio

Cons: Little Isolation

If you're not sure whether these are worth the money or not, they are.


I've had these for a month or so now and I absolutely love them, I bought these to reference with while producing/mixing tracks down and now I barely use my monitors, they translate really well!


They're comfortable to wear and are really quite light, I think they look great and feel like they're really well made (The made in Austria sign is pleasing, and its nice to know that some parts of these are hand-made)
I've not tried them straight out of an iPod but they were powered comfortably by my DAC (NI Komplete Audio 6), I've since purchased an objective 2 amp.


With the amp they sound sublime (using FLAC files), the soundstage opened right up and they just sound so real, I use these to listen to everything from Boards of Canada to System of A Down and I couldn't be happier with them, I'm unsure why people say they have no bass because there is plenty of bass, to me it sounds exactly how bass should sound. it is present although not bloated and it is very crisp and quick.

The mids are perfectly present although not quite in your face and the Hi-mids and treble are excellent, very open and pleasing.


The instrument seperation is awesome, if the track is decent no frequencies are smeared although they aren't that forgiving and are still very useful tools for people like me who like to produce music and live in an apartment/with girlfriend.  If you're listening to a bad quality file or a poorly mixed track they will definitely let you know, yet they somehow really really compliment stuff that has been mixed well (Hence why I wrote 'Flat yet Still Musical' can't really put it any other way).


The burn-in period is quite long, but they still sound great straight away but they just keep getting better and better, even now mine continue to sound better.
I still run Pink, White and Brown Noise through them at a Mid-Hi level for a couple hours a week.


Although they might be a bit pricey for somebody who isn't quite into headphones they are well worth the money, definitely recommend them to anybody who wants to hear music how it is supposed to sound, or somebody who wants to be able to trust the mixes they make on their headphones!


Good article, nicely phrased.
I know what you mean by "flat yet musical," my Q701s have a cohesive balance of the whole frequency, so it sounds natural yet strikes a chord within emotionally. I bought mine lightly used (maybe a touch less than 50 hours to burn in?), yet haven't noticed too much change in burn-in over the three months near-daily use, which is kind of a surprise. I have a whole playlist for burning in that I haven't used, because I use them for a few hours almost every day and give them a break when I'm not around :D
I feel that, with the Q701 and it's stablemates, I've reached near the peak of headphone ability (just signature preference from here on), and I'm only wanting in the areas of amp, DAC, and of course new music :D
Thanks a lot for reading the review and for the feedback! :)
Yeah I'm the same as you with feeling that I've reached somewhere fairly close to the top (although I'm sure there are plenty of people here who will tell me I've got a lot to learn), I've upgraded my DAC since that review and purchased a number of different cans (HD600's included) yet the K702's are still my favourite, the air and sparkling highs combined with the ridiculously huge soundstage make these cans so easy to love (especially when listening to Boards of Canada in FLAC). Glad somebody else shares my opinions! thanks again for the feedback :)
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