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AKG K 702 Black Reviews

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Exquisite detail


Pros: Excellent clarity and detail

Cons: bass richness not as soul pumping as others, long time to burn in

It took a good long time to burn these puppies in. From forum advice put 120 odd hours burn in on them before I critically judged them them. In truth I almost sold them. Not because they weren't excellent headphones but just because my personal taste is for richer more warming base rather than the cold precise clarity they were giving me. But from laziness i kept them about and ended up using them as my every day cans for a week when others like my Denon AH-D2000s were elsewhere and I have to admit I fell back in love with them. They had plenty in that the likes of the denons or cheaper bose couldn't emulate with a whole band of clarity they would produce in sounds you just...
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Crisp and Clean (caffine sold seperatly)


Pros: Highs, Details, Audotory Elaborance,

Cons: Headband design conflicts with my bald head and creates discomfort

These headphones can be described in one term: acurate. Given you provide sufficent amplification (I primarilary use a Fiio e7) these will emit the source material verbatim to original sound. These are non-embellishing. If you run crap mp3's through these you'll hear exactly that. Expect zero coloration from the Akg K 702's. These are overall exceptional cans.
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