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AKG K 601 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews

caol ila

Monkey Bone Reference Can


Pros: seems custom made for the HEARO 999 headamp, a classic AKG sound in an open design, brings beat based music to life, performance beyond price

Cons: needs more amp than price suggests, very loud music listening is likely if properly amped, you might miss some sleep at the least

These were considered the second rate headphones just below the K701 when they first came out, and were priced considerably lower. I considered my pair almost a gift back in 2007. But the K701 got all the attention in the audiophile reviews. Well, little sister has grown up and she is strutting her stuff. Lately, I have noticed that many shops are selling the K601 at the same or higher price relative to the K701. Maybe raw emotion is selling better than analytical talent these days. Maybe the K701 has the unsurpassed musical skills of an Ella Fitzgerald, but if Xena Warrior Princess walks up on stage, you know who I will be paying attention to, even if the musical skills come in...
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Negative Reviews


Mini-Review: AKG K 601 Headphones


Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Hard to like the sound

For the record: I am NOT an AKG basher.  I own and love the AKG K340.  I owned K270 Studios for a while, and liked those.  I liked the K701 fairly well, but sold them after a while.  I definitely like the K340 best of all the AKG's I have owned.   The AKG's I liked the least, by FAR, however, were the K-601. I bought a pair of K601's on some recommendations I had read, however, after several weeks of burn in and then listening, I thought they were just dreadful.  Painfully bright, and completely lacking in bass.  In spite of having a bright upper-midrange.lower treble, they actually still lacked top end air and extension.  This headphone left me wondering what AKG was thinking.  I...
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More Reviews


A Wonderful Mid-Fi Contender


Pros: Extremely comfortable (near weightless), excellent mid range and large soundstage

Cons: Build quality is a little bit flimsy, bass is light and sound is a little lean.

Even though I have several cans that do many things better than the K601, I still found this to be my go-to headphone for some laid back listening before and after work. AKG engineered a winner in regards to comfort and engaging mid-fi sound reproduction that just does not get fatiguing.   This headphone is all about the mids! Not particularly detailed and therefore fairly forgiving, but very involving and musical. Bass is light, but packs a small punch and one can appreciate that it goes deep. Highs are a apparent although a little rolled off on the very top end, but this helps it keep its laid back signature.   Not balanced in the sense of reproduction, but very balanced in...
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Good Value Mid-Fi Headphone


Pros: Great comfort, and good sound for the price.

Cons: Design may not fit wider heads, and build quality could be better.

I'm going to dive straight into the sound of the K601. Bass is where this headphone will be criticized most. Whilst it extends fairly well, the impact can be put to question; when a recording gives you bass impact, the K601 usually comes out with it, but it can fall short sometimes, especially when a recording has been a little reserved in terms of bass. It certainly won't suit the "bass head" type of listener.   Mid range is frankly superb, and the best part of the headphone's sound. Open and expansive, but somewhat lush at the same time, it really involves you. However, this comes with some penalty; there is some fuzz on the side of instruments, taking that clear edge off what you'd...
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One step to perfection


Pros: Balanced sounding, flat, fast transients, higher impedance, zero ER, almost like the Perfect Headphone!

Cons: Can't think of any...

I was looking for something to fill in the gap between K240DF and K240 Monitor. Severely disappointed by alleged "successor", K701, I postponed purchase of K601 for many months, until I finally gave in. And boy I was wrong. In short K601 are the real successor of K701. Backwards as usual, AKG, but they did it. There's literally nothing in the sound that could be improved upon...not to my ears at least. That however doesn't mean it's good for every usage.   Sound-wise, it's as flat as it can get. Non-saturated bass, balanced trebles and mids, just right. Perfecto. If you examine the frequency graph on headphone.com, you'll see there are only very few dips from 20 to 10000Hz,...
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AKG 601

Paid a small fortune to get these. went shopping for a Squeezebox, and ended up buying both. My Point Of Reference is the HD600 - post 20 hours, here are my impressions>     Frequency Response - on par with the HD600 - the only caveat being the presentation of the bass. It seems to DOES go lower, but not as much in Quantity as the HD600 - Listening to Eric Clapton Unplugged, the Presentation is warmer on the Sennheiser, but Warmth and Extension are two Different Concepts - Some music requires Warmth, Some Music Asks for Extension. As for me, I like both flavours. Treble is Close to Grado levels, but far smoother and enjoyable for longer periods -...
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