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A Review On: AKG K 550

AKG K 550

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Tim Maestas
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Pros: Amazing for vocals and high quality live recordings. Batman approves of the styling.

Cons: Bass light. Comfort.

I love mine! They're great with most genres. I wouldn't complain if there were a tad more bass, but it's really not all that lacking. While the earpads are super comfy, the same can't be said about the headband. It's a bit flat on the top, and not incredibly padded, so unless you've got a similarly flat dome, long hours can cause some tenderness up top. Again, not terrible, but just a note. One thing about wearing them out, and I you will be worrying far too much about banging them on something (only downside of them being so darn good looking).

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I love my K550s but agree with you on the slight discomfort with long term use. Try this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00862522A/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i01 when you get it don't worry about the fit, just keep trying and it will snap on. once it stretches out a little (I left it for 24 hours) it will just stay that size. Its also pretty good reversed so the darker cushion is on the inside with the smooth part against your head.
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