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First foray into price range

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AKG K 550

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Pros: Comfort, isolate very well

Cons: Very long cable

Bought as upgrades to me 13 year old Sony MDR-V600s.  Can't really assess their audio quality, other than to say they're a clear upgrade from the MDR-V600s.


I bought them for computer use, both gaming and .flacs.  Performs very well at both.  Can be worn for hours on end.  Cuts out ambient noise, and so far my wife hasn't complained about being able to hear them when she's working in the same room.


Tried using them on the bus, but they're not terribly well suited for portable applications. The cable is long and straight, and overall the set is a bit big to be carted around.


Still, very happy with the purchase.


If you can't assess their audio quality you shouldn't rate it 5 stars...
Maybe a 4 will be fine, because it has serious issues. That resonance in the upper mids is a deal breaker for people who have hear its competitors.
Although for an isolating, comfortable, well built, closed can with monster soundstage its definitely got its pros. But its best suited to games and movies. Not music.
Not sure what you want me to say or do. I did not rate them 5 stars in anything. I also clarified not only my experienc, but how I use the headphones - with computer gaming being a healthy part of the mix.
I've seen the graph, and I've read your review and rhythmdevils. It's nothing I've heard myself. If and when I do, you can bet I'll change my rating. In the meantime, the review will continue to reflect my current experience with the headphones. If anyone has any advice on how to better clarify in what way that experience is limited, I'm open to suggestions.
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