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A Review On: AKG K 518 LE Limited Edition Folding Headphones - Red

AKG K 518 LE Limited Edition Folding Headphones - Red

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Pros: Clear crisp sound, Bass is not the only good in those, Build quality, Bargain price

Cons: Not comfortable, Too short cable, Clamping force never really lets you forget you're wearing them

I will bypass the quality of their sound, as pretty much everyone has covered this topic above me...

I have to say, I was not impressed with their cable quality, but apart from this, it seems to fit perfectly for reaching your mp 3 device in your pocket :P

Not recommend them for lengthy usage, cause they are just not comfortable at all... I try to stretch them in order to be less clumpy on my head but I'm not sure it's working.

Other than this, they isolate pretty good.. can be used in quiet places like libraries at mid volume.

I bought them only 47.90 euros including another AKG ear-bud (at around 9 euros worth) and I'm really pleased with them,

I highly recommend them to anyone who has another alternative to enjoy music, or anyone that has a small head :P

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I agree with the 'cable too short' comment.  And general comments about clamping force.  Definitely not the best headphones regarding comfort!!  Great sound!
I am running through a Bravo V2 with GE tube and they sound heavenly.