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AKG K 518 LE Limited Edition Folding Headphones - Red Reviews


These cost how much?


Pros: bass, build, portability, smooth listening

Cons: highs and mids, uncomfortable

Ok i got these at my local best buy for $70.   For $70 i am quite surprised. The bass is definitely emphasized and these are excellent for electronic music. The highs are recessed but smooth and the mids are also recessed. These are only first day impression is can't say much else yet. But for what it's worth if you are basshead on a $70 budget get these.   Build quality though plastic is quite good. And they look sweet to me. Unfortunately they are uncomfortable for long listening sessions.     For the price what could you lose?

Too good for their price


Pros: Clear crisp sound, Bass is not the only good in those, Build quality, Bargain price

Cons: Not comfortable, Too short cable, Clamping force never really lets you forget you're wearing them

I will bypass the quality of their sound, as pretty much everyone has covered this topic above me... I have to say, I was not impressed with their cable quality, but apart from this, it seems to fit perfectly for reaching your mp 3 device in your pocket :P Not recommend them for lengthy usage, cause they are just not comfortable at all... I try to stretch them in order to be less clumpy on my head but I'm not sure it's working. Other than this, they isolate pretty good.. can be used in quiet places like libraries at mid volume. I bought them only 47.90 euros including another AKG ear-bud (at around 9 euros worth) and I'm really pleased with them, I highly recommend...
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Good Entry Level Basshead Headphone


Pros: Lots of bass but not too loose, midrange is articulate, treble isn't too recessed

Cons: Tight clamping force, flimsy cable, stiff earpads, sounds a bit congested overall

As the description above implies, it has lots of bass in its sound signature. The bass is of good quality I would say as it is very punchy and presents good impact. It is a bit loose in general, and when you’re playing audio tracks that require fast retrieval on the low end, the K518LE gets confused. But that’s not saying too much considering the price of this headphone.   The midrange is articulate. The bass doesn’t really overpower the mids but since it’s impactful and sometimes loose (even muddy), the mid-midrange going up to the upper mids sound a bit veiled (which is not recessed). Although I really didn’t have major problems listening to my modern day pop tracks nor some good...
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Great Value With Some Caveats


Pros: sound, design

Cons: can get uncomfortable

Disclaimer: I'm not much of an experienced reviewer so I apologize in advance for any misuse of terms. I also wanted to say that I have not done any other mods than expanding the headband.   A couple months ago I bought $60 headphones. I didn't really know about the brand very well -- I just recognized the name AKG from the Quincy Jones line and saw that they were 50% off. What were these mystery headphones we speak of? Why, none other than the k518LE, which is essentially the k81DJ.   Now that I've read more Head-Fi, I'm familiar with the AKG brand name and as more and more time goes on, I'm glad that I picked these. I do spend a good chunk of time with...
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Just what I needed


Pros: Build quality, excellent and powerful low end, awesome isolation

Cons: A little uncomfortable over an extended period of time

I needed a pair of headphones that I could wear on the bus to school every day and not only experience quality sound but isolation as well. I didn't have luck fining a bass-powerful pair of IEM's (I already have the Klipsch S4's, too muddy for me) and I already had my Ety's for great isolating IEM's so I decided to go with these headphones.   They are PERFECT for me! The isolation is amazing for a pair of on-ear headphones. The low end is powerful yet controlled and the headphones are really easy to drive with an iPad or Clip+. From what I've read the high's can be a little more refined but come on, these are DJ headphones that have an amazing low end and costed me less than...
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