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AKG K 450 Premium Foldable Headphone Reviews


My Akg K450


Pros: Sound, comfort, useable, box and changeable cable...

Cons: ... changeable cables not an standard cable, and if damaged you cant replace that easily :(

Sound quality: - with FLAC music:  bass is lot  medium is average  high is medium-high Tested with rock music, drum and bass and beatbox. Recommended for music with lot of bass. Clear, not noise heared.   - with MP3 music:  bass is more  medium is high  high is lower Tested with 320kbs mp3s and sound is clear but sometimes hear low noise effect.   Volume level is very good high. I like this headphone. You need just try one, and you like them too :)

Dark/muddy in a good package


Pros: Portable, good case

Cons: Dark and muddy, even amped

Although having a drawer full of portable headphones there was room for one more. I got these for use during commute, replacing a sennheiser px 200 II. The form factor appeals to me and it comes with a sturdy case. Soundwise however these are very dark and even a bit muddy sounding cans. I have an iPod nano going to an iBasso PB2. That should be enough juice. All in all I used them them for half a year, getting used to their sound signature, but in the end they didn't convince me and found a place in the drawer.

AKG K 450


Pros: Big punchy bass, warm but detailed sound, compact and foldable

Cons: Sound can get muddy if not amped enough, cable on the short side, cushions can make your ears sweat after longer uses

If your looking for a fun sounding headphone thats strong on bass and and smooth sounding it could be it!

Decent sound in an awesome form factor


Pros: Highly portable, replaceable cables, great packaging

Cons: Considerably fragile, due to a lot of moving parts. Sound is a bit muddied

I bought these headphones as a replacement for my (still working) PortaPro, because I needed a nice portable headphone that folded into a neat flat shape. After a bit of reading, I decided to pickup these headphones, and while I wasn't expecting much from them in terms of sound quality, there were other aspects of this headphone that made it worth the purchase for me.   I cannot overstate how much I love the portability aspect of the AKG K450. When moving around, I'm usually carrying with me a Knomo sleeve bag made for the 13" Macbook Air, and with the way these headphones fold, they are about as thick as a notebook.   They are also packaged with a nice carrying case,...
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Excellent budget portable cans


Pros: Ultra-portable, detachable cables, good sound

Cons: Short and fragile cable, hard clamping, made in China

The AKG K 450 is the first higher-than-SHS3200-end pair of cans I had (and at that time it's the only one). I wanted to be able to listen to good sound in the bus without hearing uninteresting conversations, so I started to search for good budget closed headphones for Christmas. After having spent four hours searching, comparing and reading reviews on Head-Fi.org ("Wow, this is a good site, I should keep it in mind..."), I decided that it had to be the K 450.   This will be rather a pragmatic review, because I don't master English very well yet.   Value: I wanted a very portable pair of "cheap" (60 € on Thomann) cans. I didn't wanted headphones I would have had to...
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