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AKG K 420 Foldable Mini Headphone - Blue Reviews


Pocketable Groovalisers!


Pros: Exciting SQ, Easy to drive from Portables, Build Quality

Cons: imaging, instrument separation, depth and finesse

Waltzing through a mall the other day, I moseyed into a JBL (part of the Harman-Kardon evil Empire) Brand Store, just to kill time - when I saw an AKG display in a forgotten corner. They were having a Sale to clear off old stock, and this was easily the best deal out of all the other 'phones on offer.   It seems these Cans were made with Mobile Phones in mind, because they work so well with my Milestone(DROID to you Yanks) that I have since stopped carrying my Cowon D2 everywhere. Using PowerAMP from the Android Marketplace, I can play FLAC off the phone now, and can finally retire the aging D2 and Yuin PK2 to home use.   These Phones, IMHO, are easily the most...
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Great value - hard to beat for <$100


Pros: Price, sound (for the price), balanced sound, design

Cons: Cable may be too short for some

I've been looking for a good open headphone that I can use in the office instead of my IEMs. It proved a little tricky to find a portable open headphone, but I eventually narrowed it down to the following list:   AKG K420 Sennheiser PX100 Jays V-Jays Koss Porta Pro Aiaiai Tracks   After much listening and comparison, plus a little thinking about my wallet as I don't need a flagship sound quality for this application, I settled on the AKG K420s.   The K420s offered easily the most balanced sound of those listed above. The Sennheisers came a close second, but for the extra money, I felt that they were limited to sounding good on bassy genres...
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Pros: excellence sound, comfortable, sturdy, short cable

Cons: leak sound (open-back design)

i bought this pair for alternate use with my iGrado. (iGrado is less comfort for a long use).    Audio sounds better than the closed-back AKG K450, Senn PX100. i love the balance sound which i think is comparable to iGrado and Koss PortaPro. Design wise, the AKG420 looks more sturdy than the Senns, even though the portability of the latter is better. The denim and matte finish together with nicely placed AKG logos on both cups are very easy on the (my) eye. Size is neither too small nor too big, and rest comfortably on both ears after adjusting the headband. i listen to wide genre of musics. this headphones gives nice kick on most of the genres, including Toni Braxton's,...
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Very Good Headphone


Pros: It is cheap and has a very good sound quality for the price. The mids and highs are excelent.

Cons: Very poor ear pad quality. Lacking bass on some recordings.

This headphone has a quite good sound quality for its price. Its sound is very clear, the mids and highs are well detailled. The bass is tight but some recordings sound lacking bass. It needed a little bit more body and warmish on the sound. The ear pads have a bad quality. The pads from mine has last about 8 months. 

Great sound for the price but limited shelf life


Pros: Great sound for <100USD , good bass

Cons: Not very sustainable

After a thorough market research and reading the good reviews on this website, I decided to buy the AKG K420 headphone about a year ago. It seemed perfect for my needs: low price, good sound quality, very portable and rather bad sound isolation, which I need so that I can hear the cars when riding my bike. As always, I bought it second hand because you usually get much better deals buying second hand; I still cannot believe the kind of great stuff I got for incredibly cheap prices.   So I got the headphone. They looked as new and they sounded as I hoped, no disappointment there! I've been using them every day, riding my bike to work and taking them with me almost everywhere I go....
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sagar khichi

its an awsome fun headphone whith open back i just loved it for the price


Pros: great sound, very comfortable, open back

Cons: looks cheap quality..

i have got these headphones 2 days back 5-6-14. at the first look and impression of these headphones i thought they will sound like tiny treble producing headphones, i was not impressed by the look actually, but when i put these headphones on.... with my cowon d2+, i feel like wow.... it has balanced bass which i had not expected at all. sound was not congested every beat was there but yeah felt lil lack of sound-stage.. but for the price point these are amazing.....i got it at good price around 37 usd (rs.2200 inr). for me its bang for the buck...

Cool little headphone but not a good choice if you like mids and highs


Pros: Compact, comfortable, beautiful, doesn't leak much

Cons: Muddy, lack soundstage

I bought the AKG K 420 for those times when I wouldn't be able to use my grado headphones, I also wanted something compact so the AKG K 420 came handy. In the beginning I was happy with the purchase but soon I noticed it was just too muddy for my ears compared to what I like and what I'm used to.

AKG K420 Review


Pros: Clear Highs, Great Mids, Good Soundstage, Very Comfortable

Cons: A Bit Muddy Bass (on the strong size)

Ok, so it's the season to be jolly, and purchase new audio gear. Yours truly has went out to get himself some audio candy (not to confuse with SkullCandy...) to refresh his audio experience.   I had to wonder around the store to find me a good pair of headphones, and after about an hour of browsing and the seller trying to sell me on the Beats Studio (aparently he had no clue whatsoever as he first tried to sell me on some SkullCandy and Bose...I have left the store cheerful and sound-happy with a pair of AKG K420 and the Etymotic MC5 (I really wanted to hear those).   Enough with the casual chit-chat, let's get down to business!   After unpacking I have...
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