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A Review On: AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

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Pros: clarity, bass, comfort, fairly sparkly highs

Cons: overpaid for them since im in canada, soundstage

Awesome pair of headphones for rock and techno music!


I originally went down to a local audio store to audition a pair of grado 225is when these caught my eye. After almost an hour of going back and forth between the two pairs i finally decided to go with the akgs. If properly driven their clarity and definition is great, however the soundstage is fairly small since they are closed.


I'm not hugely versed in hifi audio equipment but i'll try and describe their characteristics as best as i can.


Highs: Fairly sparkly, some great detail on cymbal crashes and despite being closed they sound fairly airy on these depending on the song. Otherwise not too pronounced, definitely not a bright headphone.


Mids: Not very agressive, but still well presented, some good clarity in them although far less bite than a pair of grados.


Lows: While auditioning these at the store i found they had just the right amount of bass, but since ive gotten them home they seem to emphasize lower notes a lot more. although something i think these headphones really do well is that even though they can produce a fair bit of thump, i can still hear the bass player actually playing the notes which i really like.


Overall i think these are a great mid-fi pair of headphones, they are very easy to listen to and are quite clear. I'm really enjoying them so far and can't wait to spend some more time with them.


I apologize if this isnt a very detailed review, im not the best reviewer :)




turns out i had a loudness setting turned on that was causing increased bloated bass, mids and highs are so much more upfront now and bass is significantly reduced, now i see why it has a bass light reputation here.


Apparently my receiver likes to veil mids as well, plugged them into the headphone out on my computer just out of curiosity and the mids were back! The sound of these headphones keeps on changing for me as i discover flaws in my setup haha

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Hey up dscythe,
You've had a couple of months with them now,,, how are you finding them??
And a big question from me, how are they for sound leakage? I know they are closed (although I can't tell if they are technically semi-open or not) so should be ok, but are you using them in an office or anything that may over hear sound leakage??
Thanks very much for your help.
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