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A Review On: AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

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Pros: non-fatiguing and neutral playback, ergonomics, lightweight, durable

Cons: no replaceable cable, didn't come with alternative pads like K271 MKII does

I paid a steep price for them, you can get it for about $129 nowadays from some places, which would drive the value a lot higher. Still okay IMO.

Audio Quality:
Doesn't distort, doesn't cause ear-fatigue which I'm usually sensitive to, authentic and unemphasized, precise lows, natural mids with good separation and detail, and smooth, non-fatiguing but clear highs. I can't spot a huge frequency response hump in either end or the middle, seems natural and transparent, just the way I like them.

I guess they have some retro value, the suspension system looks funky, I don't like the aesthetics or colour a lot to be honest, but it's very comfortable, durable and functional.

Only the Sony XB-500 are more comfortable and lightweight from the full-sized phones I've tried. The velour pads are slippery against long hair, unlike the XB-500's pleather.

Very lovely, but I suspect the AKG K271 MKII isn't worse + comes with nice extras, so if you can, audition both!


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