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A Review On: AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

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Pros: good detail, good isolation, fairly fast, good high extension.

Cons: fairly costly in Australia, bass could extend deeper, can sound nasal when underamped, doesn't really shine with acoustic music

These were my first hi-fi close headphones, moving from Sony mdr-v700DJ (yuck).  I use these mostly for heavy metal for reference.


Firstly, bass is tight and punchy, at least as fast as Grados, but not as fast as k701 (is anything?) but doesn't have quite enough impact in the lower bass.


Isolation is great, no sound leaks out, and not much in.  Comfort similarly is good, they are light and don't threaten to fall off if you lean over - thats a good thing right?


They are not what I would call dark, not compared to ah-ad2000 or Shure 840, have a rather up-front presentation, but instrument separation is good.  Sound is coherent and fairly musical, and relatively warm

Yes there is a tendency to sound nasal when under-amplified, so there may be better mobile choices.

They can sound a bit harsh at times, maybe due to the upfront presentation, maybe due to the abovementioned 'mid-high fuzziness,' but this really isn't a deal breaker.

For rock, and heavy metal they do very well.  For pop music there are probably better headphones for vocals.  Classical music tends to sound a bit flat and unmusical, and soundstage isn't the best, so not a great choice for classical.

If I payed $200 for them I would be quite happy...



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