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AKG K 270 Studio Reviews


An excellent, underrated headphone.


Pros: Mids and bass are exceptional.

Cons: Rolled off in the upper-treble.

I've been out of the headphone game for some time now, focusing on my 2-channel speaker setup rather than headphones for the last two years. The last headphones I bought were a pair of ESW9 for $80 four months ago (audio-technica warehouse sale ftw). Though I have  been slowly but surely making my way back to headphone listening. I was browsing ebay and came across an auction with 5 minutes left for the K270 Studio dual-driver headphone. I was interested in owning a pair because of their rare design and for the sake of furthering my own headphone collection. I honestly didn't expect much in terms of their sonic capability, given the reviews for them are so polarizing. I...
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Great sealed headphones


Pros: flat response, good isolation

Cons: weird highs (just like almost any AKGs)

Best closed headphones I had heard - very flat response, almost no midrange distortion, very easy to drive (good for portable), good soundstage (definately better than K240), good isolation, but weird treble (big hump around 10kHz - just like K240 and almost every other AKGs).   When I bought them they sounded terrible, because drivers were connected incorrectly and were working against each other - after reconnecting it sound wonderful. Also earpad in good shape are necessary for good sound quality!!   If you are looking for good neutral sounding closed cans just look for these! (K271 are different, so look for second-handed K270)

AKG 270 Tracking Headphones


Pros: Comfort, low impedence, sturdy, pro-looking

Cons: Mid-rangy, big

The AKG K270s are the classic, big huge studio headphones.  There is little doubt if you see someone in these cans, they're tracking tasty licks on a new album.  Despite their size, they do tend to push in the mid-range frequency.  This might be by design in order to push them as vocal tracking headphones but if you just want to listen to music this is a minus.  On the plus side, these are 75 Ohms making driving them from even an iPod or portable music source no problem - something you will not do with the better sounding K240s.  These are sealed and from my experience they do a good job of isolating the playback track out of the recording microphones for most...
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