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Great first 100 dollar headphone or studio monitor

A Review On: AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones

AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones

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Pros: light and comfy, sound nice when amplified well, looks good

Cons: Needs lots of power, thin flimbsy cable, head sweat

Got a deal on some of these 600 ohm out of stock beauties in mint condition and am about 3 hours into testing them. So far I am pleased with the quality and fit. Got mine hooked up to a Musical Fidelity V-can so there's no worries about power. When i first got them I hooked them up to my iphone and could barely hear them, even with the volume all the way up. I then realized how much more is needed for these and why they took the next generation k240's down to around 55 ohm. Once i burn them in I'm sure they will be a good casual listening can. Anyway, i couldn't pass up a good deal.

Why 600 ohm? Well I'm sure there's a reason to get them if you find some. I finally got my V-Can to near 11 o'clock, where it's normally at 9 o'clock or less with my AKG K701s. I think there's an advantage to being able to turn them up like hearing more of those imperfections when listening to studio mixes, hopefully not just for a future deafness. So far they are nice and nothing stands out in the lossless files I listen to, though I do like to give them a little EQing on iTunes which they seem to benefit from. Though they are not extremely bass heavy at any setting, I feel like I'm getting more of what was expected from those studio recordings.

Sweat is a small factor during long listening sessions with these. Also, can't imagine why they use a 3.5 mm plug, though my V-Can has a 3.5 mm output so it has worked out very well. I want to a-b them with my other headphones, but at the volume levels these need I will have to just listen for some time with them and then with the others I have in order to hear what I may be missing. I'm sure I'll always love my Yamaha YH-100 orthos the best of all my cans, and I don't really need these except as a throw around headphone, but we'll just have to wait and see how they burn in.    


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I agree, the K240 is slightly bassier than what neutral would be. Makes for nice relaxing listening and no bass boost needed.. Terrific value for 50$.
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