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AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones Reviews


Very good, much better than Studio version


Pros: Wonderful mids, comfortable, realistic sound, pretty good detail

Cons: rolled off bass, small soundstage, can be sibilant sometimes

When I compare these to the newer Studio K240s, these win by a long shot. Not only in neutrality and detail, but in build design too.  The Studios have a big mid bass hump that makes everything sound boomy. But the Monitor version has a very balanced frequency response that sounds almost perfect. To me, the treble is very good, but I dislike the spike most AKGs have in the 8-9 kHz range, these included. Although not as apparent with classical music (which these are great for btw), rock and pop and singing definitely is sibilant after a while. That being said, the treble adds to the detail retrieval, which may be why these are meant for studio monitoring use. I also LOVE the mids on...
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Underappreciated Budget Studio Monitors


Pros: comfort, aesthetically pleasing, non fatiguing sound , cheap , readily available, well built. great value

Cons: shallow earpads, slight lack of sparkle in treble, bass could be tighter, 600 ohms is hard to drive

Background: I was looking for a studio monitor headphone for under a hundred bucks, I was going to buy the AKG K240 Studio at first but saw these "Monitors" on eBay for much cheaper, for 59 bucks I didn't hesitate to buy them although I was nervous about the 600 ohms impedance. They arrived in perfect condition with the elastics still having lots resistance, and the ear pads without any cracks, however the golden labels at the sides had fallen off (common issue). I hooked them up to my HK 3490 receiver which were being fed Apple lossless files from my computer through my uDac 2. After three minutes I was ready to return them, everything was muffled, mids, treble, bass, absolutely...
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Great first 100 dollar headphone or studio monitor


Pros: light and comfy, sound nice when amplified well, looks good

Cons: Needs lots of power, thin flimbsy cable, head sweat

Got a deal on some of these 600 ohm out of stock beauties in mint condition and am about 3 hours into testing them. So far I am pleased with the quality and fit. Got mine hooked up to a Musical Fidelity V-can so there's no worries about power. When i first got them I hooked them up to my iphone and could barely hear them, even with the volume all the way up. I then realized how much more is needed for these and why they took the next generation k240's down to around 55 ohm. Once i burn them in I'm sure they will be a good casual listening can. Anyway, i couldn't pass up a good deal. Why 600 ohm? Well I'm sure there's a reason to get them if you find some. I finally got my V-Can to...
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80% of the Sennheiser HD600


Pros: Works good on vintage receivers; solid bass, medium resolving, a bit less than medium soundstage, AKG clear vocals

Vintage headphones AKG K240 600ohm, would buy again.

My favourite AKGs


Pros: Great sound and comfort, AKG service

Cons: A little hard to drive (600Ω)

Of my three AKGs (K271S, K240M, K280), those are my favorite. They are very comfortable and also smaller and lighter than the closed-back circumaural AKGs. Being 600Ω cans, they are somewhat dependent on the source: My old JVC CD player drives them well, so do the powerful headphone amps of older mixing boards. With less powerful outputs, e.g. digital pianos, they work ok, with portable equipment not so much. Their sound meets my taste for general listening very well. Overall they are balanced and pleasant with reasonable attention to detail. Bass isn't as recessed as e.g. on the K271 - for listening that's a good idea IMO. Also, they lead to relatively little ear fatigue, although...
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