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Don't be quick to judge.

A Review On: AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

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Pros: Great soundstage, price, and comfort. Rock rocks with these cans.

Cons: Elastic headband adjusters, pleather. Loves burn-in like a fat kid loves cake.


I got a free $75 giftcard for Walmart and decided to use it online to get the best headphones they have since there's nothing else I really want from Wally World.
The best pair happened to be these K240s.
The K240s are the type of headphones that really appreciate a good burn-in. I see it almost as a test of worthiness.
Previously I wasn't the type to do burn-in as my Sennys didn't really benefit from it and it always seemed like superstition anyway. Upon my initial listening tests of the K240s I was rudely introduced to what many term "recessed mids", and underwhelming bass. I immediately felt that I needed to list these on eBay and rinse away the muddy memories the K240s left in my head, but being the hopeless romantic that I am I continued to listen and dream of better sound.
Over the course of 1 week with passive burn-in I've noticed that the K240's sound signature actually warmed up. Did the religion of burn-in have a deity that was kindly looking upon me? Yes, there is a burn-in god. The bass is FANTASTIC. It is responsive, punchy, and most importantly doesn't drown out the mids or treble. Even the mids started to pop up from the recessed hole they decided to hide in. I'm about 20 hours into a passive burn-in (I don't let them burn in over night or while I'm away, it's all done whilst listening) and I can't wait to hear what another 20 hours does.
Sure, you can get more expensive, better sounding headphones, but if you're a broke college schmuck (such as myself) the K240s fit into a tight budget. Also, at 55 ohms they don't require an expensive amp, but don't be mistaken, they do benefit from amping. I'm using a Qinpu Q2 to provide some extra punch and some tube sweetness.
The cons are typical of the materials used. Pleather is almost never a good idea so why would it be good now? As for the elastic headband adjuster... well... I can't wait for that to break/dry rot/stretch out. *sarcasm*. With that said they are still very comfortable and right now as I'm listening to Rage Against the Machine (Rock, in general, sounds amazing!) I can hardly feel that they're on my head. The cans seem very sturdy so I won't can't really complain too much about the materials.
In short, the sound is a happy medium; not too much bass, not too little bass, mids are happily present, and the treble is very respectable. These would fit the preference of Goldilocks, they're just right.


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