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AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones Reviews


Gateway to great sound.


Pros: Clear Mids, Tangible Highs and Subtle Bass

Cons: You will start to hear the difference between MP3 and Flac.

Having owned these headphones for roughly 6 months I must have accumulated over 1500 hours with the K240s on my head - that will give a hint of my opinion on them!   Pros - Sound quality is a definite step up from most consumer headphones; after owning these I don't settle for anything less. - These headphones are completely non-fatiguing wearing these for hours at a time is a breeze. - Comfort is surprisingly good; the pleather cups can leave a bit to be desired after about 5 hour or so but other than that they are great. - Overall good build quality, although the headphones are mostly plastic I have dropped them a few times and they didn't suffer any damage. Look after these...
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Don't be quick to judge.


Pros: Great soundstage, price, and comfort. Rock rocks with these cans.

Cons: Elastic headband adjusters, pleather. Loves burn-in like a fat kid loves cake.

  I got a free $75 giftcard for Walmart and decided to use it online to get the best headphones they have since there's nothing else I really want from Wally World.   The best pair happened to be these K240s.   The K240s are the type of headphones that really appreciate a good burn-in. I see it almost as a test of worthiness.   Previously I wasn't the type to do burn-in as my Sennys didn't really benefit from it and it always seemed like superstition anyway. Upon my initial listening tests of the K240s I was rudely introduced to what many term "recessed mids", and underwhelming bass. I immediately felt that I needed to list these on eBay and rinse away...
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Wonderful headphones for a musician or sound engineer, and anyone who loves music.


Pros: Custom-tailored frequency response contasts notes better, meaning, they're easier to play in. Which is why they're often used for playing synths. Also very useful for sniping dirt in samples and fine-tuning mixes.

Cons: Awful stock cable.

AKG K-240 Studio are at least the 4th (really 5th or 6th?) iteration of K-240 design, which started with the K-240 Sextett in the 1970s, themselves a circumaural version of supra K-140. The basic idea behind the "Sextett" design is that the main diaphragm drives six passive radiators, which enhance ambience and spatial imaging. Now, while this is a very good idea for headphones in an era when most headphone amps were powerful enough to drive 1200-ohm and even 2400-ohm headphones, unfortunately modern amps have not been able to keep up and thus the K-240 and K-271 have a reputation of being power hogs. Really modern device (cell phones', pocket players', netbooks'...) headphone outputs...
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No nonsense classic, excellent sound quality


Pros: Perfect sound, nice fit, comfortable.

Cons: Not really a fashion item.

A complete no brainer: if used at home probably the best headphone you can buy for this money, they fit comfortable and have excellent sound. There are better sounding headphones out there but you have to reach much deeper in your wallet.  They are not suited for travelers in my opinion.

Price-Performance Champion


Pros: Lightweight, very comfortable, superb audio quality, spacious non-fatiguing sound, wide soundstage, great imaging, detachable cable, removable earpads

Cons: Design is not for everyone, too cheap for what they deliver :),

These cans are really, really good. Highly recommended.

Warm sound, easy to drive, bang for the buck , comparible with headphones 2 time of it's price.


Pros: Warm sound, good mid, cheap price at $70, easy to drive compare to others

Cons: bass is boomy, and slow, but still way better than Dr Dre's headphone.

Warm sound, good mid, great price   Easy to drive compare with other studio headphone, there is shouldn't be too much complaint consider this headphone now only retail about $70 and sound really great.
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