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AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Not studio headphones, but still great for a colored listening experience.


Pros: Punchy, precise and loud bass, comfort, isolation, crisp but relaxed highs

Cons: Build Quality

     I bought these expecting that they would be fairly neutral headphones with the ability for extra bass because of their DJ background, but instead I found that they offered tons of bass right off the bat and gave a very lively, colored listening experience.  When I say different, I don't mean like legos vs. megablocks - I mean like sharks vs. sharks with lasers on their heads.  You should get the idea.   A quick overview:  - excellent packaging and style  - high quality fit and finish, just enough weight to the headphones to make them feel substantial but not          enough to be heavy on your head  -...
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Negative Reviews


AiAIAi TMA-1: Looks Fantastic, but Build and Sound Quality Issues a Letdown


Pros: Beautiful design, detachable cables, lightweight and comfortable, fun coloured sound

Cons: Fragile foam earpads, included coiled cable too heavy, congested sound, loose sub-bass

Along with the summary below, I have a review thread comparing the TMA-1 Studio with the Sony MDR-1R, Z1000, Sennheiser Momentum, Logitech UE 6000 and Audio Technica M50 here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/639948/review-closed-portable-circumaural-around-ear-headphone-comparison-m50-z1000-tma-1-s-momentum-ue6000-mdr-1r   I also posted the following Youtube review of the TMA-1. If you like the video check out my channel for more reviews :)     Summary   BUILD   The TMA-1 look incredible. However there are a number of huge flaws. With the included foam earpads, the foam tends to peel away from the attachment disk (see the video). I was...
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More Reviews


Just what I wanted.


Pros: durability, isolation, style, response

Cons: headband comfort, leather cups aren't to my liking, foam cups have QC issues**, might've come with a case at this price

I stand directly in front of, or sit on top of a stack of 30Hz bass bins at the office. These isolate well enough to cue music at the loudest volumes I can create with the foam cups. The leather cups do not seal to my head, however. I guess my ears are too big, but the cups just don't deflect enough internally, forcing one's ears to do the deflecting.   With a touch of EQ to lift the highs, I rather enjoy extended listening with them at home. It's obvious that they start to roll off early. The published curves also reflect this. No doubt a benefit for those listening all day long. I do find myself fidgeting with the headband position quite a bit. Maybe I have a pointed head or...
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