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Adam Audio A5X Powered Studio Monitor (5.5 inch, 100 watts)

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Pros: Very neutral - clean highs and solid mids - bass is great alone but the extra punch of the Sub7 makes them a fantastic 2.1 setup!

Cons: Not for everyone due to size and price

I wanted a high-end desktop 2.1 system - After much research and sound trials, I ended up combining the Fiio Alpen E17 DAC and the E09K Desktop Amp for a powerful combination together with 2 Adam A5Xs and the Sub7 bass.


The sound is amazing for near field monitors - very neutral - and the highs are brilliant (due the the X-Art tweeters) - Although these speakers are active and have their own amplification, when combined together with a decent DAC and additional amplification, they really shine.  For the price performance, they really offer studio quality levels:


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Pros: Good soundstage, detailed with enough bass. The smaller a3x lacks (too much) bass. Although the bigger a7x as more bottom end the a5x delivers enough.

Cons: None that I can think off. Then again I don't have any other monitors to compare to

I purchased these as part of a desktop set up. I use them to mix (logic) or listen music. Rest of the set up: iMac > usb out via M2tech hiface II > metrum acoustics > adam a5x. Beware, I don't have any other experience with monitors in this setting.


The a5x are positioned in the middle between the smaller a3x and bigger a7x (I think a a8x also has been released).

The overall sound is balanced and clear with a good soundstage. Especially in a desktop set up I find them delivering on all fronts. I checked out the smaller a3x but these lacked too much in the bass department. The a7x were good, but to big (and pricier) for my taste. Top end is present but not harsh. A nice feature is that you can link the two units and control the volume with one knob. Handy.

Overall they are great monitors.

Adam Audio A5X Powered Studio Monitor (5.5 inch, 100 watts)

The Adam A5X Active Studio Monitor features a Carbon Fiber/Rohacell/Glass Fiber 5.5 midwoofer, able to reproduce frequencies below 2.5 kHz. along with Adams very own technologically advanced X-ART ribbon tweeter. Each driver of the A5X is powered by its own separate built-in 50-watt amplifier. The perfect match of power to components assures a smooth, distortion-free listening experience you can rely upon for your everyday monitoring and mixing chores. Adams unique Stereolink connector allows you to control the overall stereo volume of both speakers from the volume control of just one, perfect for when theres no mixer in the setup. High and low shelving filter controls enable you to perfectly tailor the sound according to your mixing environment. Your mixes will reach a new plateau as you can now monitor with complete confidence. Youll experience extremely accurate details and nuances in your recordings like never before, enabling you to make the correct critical decisions necessary for professional mixes that translate to multiple targets such as broadcast radio and television, CD, DVD, file sharing on the web and more.Get your Adam A5X Single Nearfield Active Studio Monitor today from Sam Ash Direct and enjoy the confidence that comes from fast, free shipping, the guaranteed lowest price and our 45/60-day return/price protection policy.

BrandAdam Audio
FeatureExcels at nearfield monitoringEquipped with the X-ART tweeter And a 5.5" midwoofer50W A/B tweeter amplifier50W PWM midwoofer amplifier Upper corners slanted to minimize reflections 4dB gain for the high frequencies Two bass reflex ports offer surprising low frequency response
LabelAdam Audio
ManufacturerAdam Audio
ModelADAM Audio A5X
PublisherAdam Audio
StudioAdam Audio
TitleAdam Audio A5X Powered Studio Monitor (5.5 inch, 100 watts)
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementA5X MR353167
Item Height0 inches
Item Length0 inches
Item Weight14.5 pounds
Item Width0 inches
Package Height12.2 inches
Package Length16.93 inches
Package Weight18 pounds
Package Width13.78 inches
ProductGroupMusical Instruments
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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