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Hey can I just ask how you find the AV 40s? Also I assume you use the E11 with the ipod and 25-1 IIs? Do you amp the 598s at all? Sorry for all the questions, I saw your list and half of the stuff is on my list of headgear I'd like!
Yeah, I'm kind of starting at it as well. As for answers to your questions.
1. Although meant as computer speakers, I find that it filled my small room nicely. I initially grabbed it because it was on sale and read great reviews and offered getting one for my stepfather, but he was hesitant. After they came and I turned them on, my stepfather now wants one for himself! I have a co-worker who happened to have one as well and he said that he also loved them and is planning on getting other stuff by M-Audio.
2. Yes, I use the E11 with iPod and HD 25-1 IIs. By itself, the HD 25s still worked well, but I had to turn the volume almost all the way up to really get it sounding good. With the E11, I don't need it as high and it also added an extra presence to the music.
3. I use the 598s mainly on my computer with a Fiio E7 dac/amplifier, which cleans up the signal. I also set the EQ to 1 to added a little extra bass oomph.
Hope that helps!
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